June 23, 2024

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Blockchain and £80 000 Crypto – Cats

An invention intended for one purpose can often lead to a host of other unintended but altogether exciting prospects, this has happened to a multitude of inventions throughout human history and most recently to Blockchain as well. One cannot help but wonder if the original thinkers behind Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain could ever envision the day […]

Security Is The Number One Obstacle In Crypto’s Future

In the second half of the year, people not only eagerly anticipate the coming year-end functions, and endless holidays; they also begin the process of looking ahead onto the coming year. Perhaps you have not yet begun looking out to 2019 and beyond, however, while there is still time to draw out timelines, there is […]

Cryptocurrencies And The World Financial System

Many have been dismissing Cryptocurrencies as an alternative to fiat currency that will simply fade into the ether after a few more months, another phase within the globalized world similar to cake pops or the return of shoulder pads. However, the multitude of events ranging from cases with the SEC in the United States through […]

New LedgerConnect Blockchain Platform About To Hit The Shelves

Blockchain technology is infiltrating so many spheres as a possible solution to ten thousand and one things under the sun, therefore it isn’t a surprise that one of the core tenants of cryptocurrency is being appropriated by so many other industries. The rise of Blockchain has been chronicled by so many already, being surpassed only […]

Bitcoin Pushing It Above And Beyond

Cryptocurrencies are gaining traction not just in the media but within the markets as well, and it seems that Bitcoin is leading the charge to brand new heights. Bitcoin’s total market value has climbed by ten percent each week for the past month, even though many expected a downturn after the Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF got […]

Nasdaq Looks Into Crypto Exchanges

Cryptocurrency startups are getting attention from multiple countries, including Malta and Gibraltar, amongst others. However, there are more than Cryptocurrency startups that are being given attention; for example, things are heating up with the NASDAQ right now as well. Recent reports out of the United States are sending out not-so-subtle hints that the NASDAQ is […]

New Ethereum Standard Set To Hit The Shelves

Change is on its way, and just like the app updates for your smartphone happen sporadically and without much warning, so too it seems to do the updates to the new policy and procedures for Cryptocurrencies the world over. However, and this must be clarified, this particular change is not in the least bit ominous, […]

Cryptocurrency Technology Paves The Way To A New Face Of Finance

Technology is one of the key systems that help to power the modern world engine as we know it. Therefore it makes sense that as technology progresses over time so should the systems it supports. Some of the biggest buzzwords in technology at the moment include artificial technology and Blockchain, because what is better than […]

Cryptocurrencies Provide New Opportunities For America’s Needy

The poor are often some of the most marginalized and overlooked factions within the society, being the last to benefit whenever a new technology or craze sweeps through our lives. However, this does not seem to be the case at present. In fact, as much of the modern world begins to abandon all transactions requiring […]

Ethereum Golden Oldie On The Up

It’s always good when the very first of a flagship creation is doing great things, whether one is reviewing something as abstract as ideas or as concrete as actual people, knowing that the first one out the gate is okay makes everything easier. This is especially the case for the Cryptocurrency market at the moment […]
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