June 23, 2024

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Telegram Banned in Russia: Now what?

Telegram made its way onto the crypto scene and became an international sensation practically overnight. If this is the first time you’re hearing about Telegram you must be living under a rock. But a brief background for those that are new to the world of all things crypto: Telegram is an ICO (Initial Coin Offering), […]

Russia Clamps Down on Crypto Mining Farm

We are used to receiving weird and wonderful crypto news from Russia and this is just another one of those instances. Russia’s famous Ministry of Internal Affairs, ironically known as M.I.A, shut down a crypto mining farm with as many as 6000 miners operating from it. The farm in Orenburg was raided by law enforcement […]

Alibaba Bans Crypto On Its Site

Alibaba – China’s BIGGEST e-commerce platform where you can purchase practically ANYTHING your heart desires. Wouldn’t it be great if such a platform incorporated crypto and Blockchain technology? It would do wonders for the crypto industry to be linked to such a site- and Alibaba really got our hopes up that this would be the […]

Bitcoin Finally Makes A Comeback

After months and months of Cryptocurrency prices continuing to fall, it comes as both a surprise and relief that Bitcoin’s price has finally increased significantly again! The price surge was definitely unexpected and the value rose from $7000 to just over $8000 for a brief time earlier this week- making it the biggest spike in […]

Vietnam Decides To Investigate After Falling Victim To ICO Fraud

ICOs are getting a rather bad name for themselves, as ICO fraud continues to make headlines all over the world. It really is a pity, considering the good that so many ICOs aim to do with Blockchain technology. It is thought that as much as $660 million was lost in ICO scams by as many […]

Crypto Trading Soars in Japan

Japan is fairly secretive about their financial data and this is the first time we are hearing about how their crypto trading sector: and the results are positive! Japan’s Financial Services Agency (known as Japan’s financial watchdog) recently released a report, in Japanese, which was then translated to English by the ever-helpful CoinDesk. The data […]

Be Aware: Telegram Imposter in the UK

For those of you a little behind with the times, Telegram is a multi-million dollar ICO, started by Pavel Durov. The ICO has done incredibly well and actually broke the record for the highest-grossing ICO- with the company making just under $2 billion in the first two of its presales. The service it provides is […]

Crypto Makes Its Mark In The Caribbean Tourist Industry

At one stage in the recent past, the Caribbean was one of the top tourist destinations on the map. But over the past couple of years, the Caribbean has experienced some lack of growth and a decline in the tourism sector, with many US banks reigning back on their once-generous funding. All this on top […]
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