July 25, 2024

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Want to know which is the best crypto mining platform for 2022? The answer is GEM TRX. Yes, you read it right. It is the fastest-growing crypto mining platform on the planet. Let’s talk about this diamond called GEM TRX which is dazzling on all fronts. Official Website : https://gem-trx.com/share?code=337101 Overview GEM TRX was founded […]

How Blockchain Is Being Used To Tackle Healthcare Issues

Blockchain has been the most talked about technology innovation in the contemporary world. In fact, it’s hard to talk about the innovations without the mention of Blockchain. Thanks to the rise of cryptocurrencies last year, retailers, organizations and even governments have started researching the technology to see if it has something to offer. With the […]

G20 Summit: Crypto Important For Global Economy

The G20 in an international forum for both governments and central banks of countries with developing and developed economies, discussed issues pertaining cryptocurrencies. The forum was hosted in Buenos Aires, Argentina and took place on 30th November and 1st December. Crypto Is Important. But Needs To Be Regulated The declaration entitled ‘building consensus for a […]

New Plans For ICO Regulation And Federal Cryptocurrency

Warren Davidson, the US Rep. has announced plans to introduce new legislation in the US Congress. The planned legislation would regulate both the Initial Coin Offerings {ICOs} and the federal cryptocurrencies. This was according to a news piece that was reported in the Cleveland.com, a local Ohio news agency. Creating An Asset Class For The […]

How Blockchain Is Making Waves In Media And Entertainment

Bitcoin has stumbled to prices below $4,000 for the first time since September 2017. There have been more questions than answers on the current state of cryptocurrencies. Blockchain’s potential has also been questioned especially in the non-crypto world and particularly in media and entertainment. Nelson Granados, a writer for the Forbes magazine, has participated in […]

New ICO Guidelines To Be Introduced By Japan’s Financial Regulator

JIJI Press, one of the most reliable Japanese press outlets has made a big announcement. It has reported that the Japanese Financial Services Agency is soon beginning to regulate the ICOs. The proposed Initial Coin Offering regulations are meant for better protection. It will include investments limits. How It Will Work This new guideline will just work […]

Alexis Ohanian: Blockchain Gaming Is Going To Be Big

Alexis Ohanian is the co-owner of the world’s most valuable e-sport team and co-founder of Reddit. Ohanian’s public support is the first instance where a top e-sports figure has rallied behind Blockchain gaming as the next big thing in the industry. In a tweet sent out on Thursday morning, Ohanian shared his thoughts which were also […]

Pax Included As Base Token In Binance’s Stablecoin Market

Binance has announced that Paxos Standard will be a base token in its new combined stablecoin market. The Crypto exchange is currently the largest on the globe when it comes to daily trading volumes as well as by the number of users on the platform. It also enjoys more than twice the trading volumes seen by […]

Coinsquare Spreads Its Wings To Europe

Coinsquare Exchange, decided to expand its boundaries mid this month, setting eyes on Europe. The startup which is headquartered in Toronto, Canada is hopeful that the new market will be favorable. According to its CEO Cole Diamond, the move is very significant for the young exchange. In the interview with Bitcoin Magazine, Diamond added that exploring a […]

Rhino Coin To Play A Pivotal Role In Species Protection

South Africa holds 80% of the rhinoceros population in the world. The species is one of the most endangered on the planet with South Africa alone losing 1000 of them each year from poaching. Blockchain technology is being used to change these negative statistics. Rhino Coin (RNC), as its known was founded by Alexander Wilcocks […]
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