June 23, 2024

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Soundeon – Blockchain Music Platform That Changes Everything

Soundeon – ICO Review SOUNDEON is a platform that will be enabling a renaissance within the music industry for not just the fans out there but for the creators as well. SOUNDEON will be enabling all aspects of the music industry to a higher level of efficiency by having one platform to bring together everything […]

Destream – The First Decentralized Global Ecosystem For Streamers

Destream – ICO Review Destream is the foremost platform for live streaming within the open source community, or rather it will be as soon as it launches. In addition, Destream will be one of the few sites to pioneer its own blockchain technology rather than making use of a pre-provided blockchain such as the one […]

Pearl Pay – Your Virtual Money Logistics System

Pearl Pay – ICO Review Pearl Pay is a platform that aims to incorporate cryptocurrency payments into the world of supply and procurement on a global scale. Pearl Pay was specifically designed to help empower banks and other financial institutions situated within remote locales. Pearl Pay will give these formerly disenfranchised banks the opportunity to […]

Universal Recognition Token – The First Employee Rewards Marketplace

Universal Recognition Token – ICO Review Universal Recognition Token is a platform devoted to ensuring that employers have one central location to not only offer their hard-working employees gifts, but it will also serve to allow the employees a convenient marketplace to sell the gifts they have received. Most ingeniously, the employees do not only […]

NextPakk – Built For Last-Mile Delivery

NEXTPAKK Ico Review NextPakk is the future solution to global package deliveries across platforms that customers did not even know they needed. NextPakk will enable consumers to arrange for a deliveryman to drop off goods at their place of residence within one hour from notifying the NextPakk platform thus ensuring that the client will still […]

Eot – The Protocol For DGames

EOT Ico Review EOT is a platform for the gamers out there, this global solution will give players the possibility to find new games, play them online and even create brand new offerings for the gaming community. Participants on the site will also have the opportunity to get to know other members on the platform […]

Moolyacoin – Coin for the Global Digital Startup Ecosystem

MOOLYACOIN Ico Review Moolyacoin is a platform that proposes to bring together all components necessary to construct a new business venture in one convenient and secure solution. The solution will bring together all pieces of the business process from the external financial institutions, to private investors, the idea creators and third-party services, the best part […]

Bitbose – The Future Of Crypto Investments

BITBOSE Ico Review Bitbose is the newest platform to introduce a solution to the dissatisfaction experienced by many potential and current investors within traditional financial markets. Bitbose has created a site where all financial products related to investments can be acquired and managed in one easy, secure location, ensuring that investing is simple and accessible […]

Traderiser – Instant Answers To Trading Questions Without The Leg Work

TRADERISER Ico Review TradeRiser is a platform that will enable users to receive real time updates on the status of Cryptocurrencies within the market so that they can make informed decisions about which ones to invest, with both a short-term and long-term perspective. Users will be able to ask any kind of crypto-market related questions, the […]

Apres – Media For Everyone, By Everyone

APRES Ico Review APRES is a platform that allows for the ethical distribution of news stories in such a way that they cannot be controlled and therefore enhanced by a specific media outlet. The platform will ensure that all articles can be updated in real time, ensuring that as a story is happening that people […]
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