June 23, 2024

Category: Live ICOs

Destream – The First Decentralized Global Ecosystem For Streamers

Destream – ICO Review Destream is the foremost platform for live streaming within the open source community, or rather it will be as soon as it launches. In addition, Destream will be one of the few sites to pioneer its own blockchain technology rather than making use of a pre-provided blockchain such as the one […]

Pearl Pay – Your Virtual Money Logistics System

Pearl Pay – ICO Review Pearl Pay is a platform that aims to incorporate cryptocurrency payments into the world of supply and procurement on a global scale. Pearl Pay was specifically designed to help empower banks and other financial institutions situated within remote locales. Pearl Pay will give these formerly disenfranchised banks the opportunity to […]

Bitbose – The Future Of Crypto Investments

BITBOSE Ico Review Bitbose is the newest platform to introduce a solution to the dissatisfaction experienced by many potential and current investors within traditional financial markets. Bitbose has created a site where all financial products related to investments can be acquired and managed in one easy, secure location, ensuring that investing is simple and accessible […]

Apres – Media For Everyone, By Everyone

APRES Ico Review APRES is a platform that allows for the ethical distribution of news stories in such a way that they cannot be controlled and therefore enhanced by a specific media outlet. The platform will ensure that all articles can be updated in real time, ensuring that as a story is happening that people […]

Organicco – Investing In The Future Of Our Beautiful Planet For Our Children

ORGANICCO Ico Review Organicco is an online platform that seeks to make the world a better place for future generations through utilizing the latest in green technology innovations in order to help minimize the effects and potentially help cure the effects of man-made climate issues. Website | Whitepaper | Twitter | Facebook What Is The […]

Humancoin – Set To Herald A New Era For Charity

HUMANCOIN – Ico Review Humancoin is an ICO startup with a difference; the platform is seeking to combine factors such as charity with Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies in order to facilitate the world’s very first platform where people can donate directly to recipients without any third party involvement.   Website | Whitepaper | Telegram Issues That […]

Inscoin – The 1st Blockchain Based Insurance Company

INSCOIN Ico Review INSCOIN is an insurance platform that seeks to end the longstanding issues of cybersecurity and ensure that the instances of insurance fraud are minimized to the point of non-existence, or as close to that as possible.   Website | Whitepaper | Telegram | Linkedin | Twitter | Facebook | Reddit INSCOIN advantages […]

Worldopoly – The World’s First Mobile Game Combining AR, AI, Blockchain And DAG

WORLDOPOLY Ico Review Worldopoly is an online collaborative game engine that brings in the concepts of Blockchain and DAG technology into a highly complex, strategy-based game. Players will utilize the WPT tokens as not only the mode of currency within the game but also as a way for them to potentially earn revenue while playing. […]

CYBIT – Feel The Power of Crowdfunding!

CYBIT Ico Review CyBit is an innovative project that aims to give new business owners the opportunity to be able to source the financial capital needed to power their new businesses through the decentralized backing of investors from around the world. CyBit aims to remove many of the barriers currently presented to budding entrepreneurs, particularly […]

Vanig – The World’s First Integrated e-Commerce And Supply Chain Ecosystem

VANIG Ico Review Vanig is an online platform that will provide a final destination for all online merchants globally, the hub will utilize the power of Blockchain technology in order to tackle problems such as the inability to accurately track a parcel for both user and corporation or knowing which corporate is offering real or […]
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