May 23, 2024

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India Set To Reveal Draft Of Crypto Regulations In December

India has been on the line when it comes to drafting regulations for the crypto sector in the country for years. This might however just be changing as it has emerged that the nation will be unveiling a draft of the regulations before the end of the year. Preparations For Drafting of Regulations Underway India’s […]

India Looking Into State-Backed Cryptocurrency

A panel created under the Ministry of Finance in India, whose main aim was to come up with a regulatory framework applicable to Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, has been said to be in the process of recommending for a government-backed Cryptocurrency instead. Government To Develop Own Blockchain Network According to a Quarts report, a senior official […]

Cryptocurrency Trading In India Since RBI Ban

Indian Crypto traders have had hard times since the country’s central bank, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) ordered the financial institutions not to provide banking services to Cryptocurrency exchanges. However, the Crypto traders have come up with creative methods that have enabled them to survive while waiting for the ruling by the country’s Supreme […]

Could India Be Headed For Crypto Regulation?

Questions have arisen about the next move for India after it was reported that the country sent senior regulatory officials to Crypto friendly countries in the fiscal year 2017-18. According to the report, the government sent Securities and Exchange Board of India officials to Switzerland, the UK, and Japan to learn more about Cryptocurrencies and […]

India To Use Cryptocurrencies As A Method Of Payment

Switzerland was initially leading the way with the integration of cryptocurrencies into mainstream economic transactions, however they are having serious competition with this. As it is Malta and Gibraltar as well as others are desperately snatching up as many prospective crypto start-ups and well established crypto organizations as possible. However, they may soon have competition […]