June 23, 2024

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APRES Ico Review

APRES is a platform that allows for the ethical distribution of news stories in such a way that they cannot be controlled and therefore enhanced by a specific media outlet. The platform will ensure that all articles can be updated in real time, ensuring that as a story is happening that people around the world can hear about it and be actively informed on the situation regardless of where they are in the world.



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Features of Apres

Apres is a solution that will combine a growing need for press coverage that is untainted by political or private agendas, along with serious issues such as security and access for all. Apres tackles the issue of security by making use of the capabilities of Blockchain technology within the platform, amongst other mechanisms such as user site signature as well as cryptography. In addition, the platform will also make use of other cutting edge technologies such as seeding; the scrambling of user information and the best part is that all of this information does not require any servers.

Probably, the most unique feature of this site is the fact that despite all of the in built features and the huge swathes of content across a multitude of topics, the managing team has promised that where will be no subscription fees or user fees for the news whatsoever. Ensuring that the content is available to all, since anyone can push an article that they have written, other users have the opportunity to review the work and give comments so as to ensure that the most accurate news is posted. This will also eliminate issues such as writer bias, or incomplete facts due to that writer not knowing all of the facts when the story was initially published.

People who engage with content and submit content and generally participate with the platform, will be given restitution in the form of APS tokens in order to motivate them to continue engaging with the platform.



The creation of Apres will result in a news network being created that will allow for stories to finally reach all people across the world as and when they are happening, in a way that has not been edited to support particular businesses views. Apres is managing to fill a much needed vacuum in today’s society and we cannot wait to see how they continue.

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