July 25, 2024

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Beijing Sci-Tech Report To Accept Bitcoin For Subscription From 2019

China’s oldest technology publication, the BSTR (Beijing Sci-Tech Report) has announced that that it will soon be accepting Bitcoin through its platform. As of next year, 2019, BSTR will be offering its yearly subscription at a crypto price of 0.01 BTC which is equivalent to $65. The Ban On Crypto Sector In China In its […]

A Chinese Company To Provide Cryptocurrency Custody Services

InVault, a Chinese blockchain startup is of the opinion that the elimination of human factor in the storage of Cryptocurrency could guarantee the security and safety of the digital assets. The Shanghai-based firm has announced plans to provide these services to Cryptocurrency exchanges. The new service will allow the exchanges to engage in other activities […]

Bitcoin Fallen Out Of Favor With China

Cryptocurrencies are not a welcome topic within much of mainstream life throughout the world, although that is starting to change, and there are some countries that have outright banned Cryptocurrency trading. China is one such example where the government declared the trading of any form of Cryptocurrencies to be illegal. Hence leading to a recent […]

The Trail Of Bitcoin Miners In Iceland’s Scandal Have Led To China

Success attracts all kinds of attention, and unfortunately, this is true for even those of us within the world of Cryptocurrency. Recently, evidence from the recent looting of hardware from Cryptocurrency exchange mining operation in Iceland is believed to have turned up in China of all places. Icelandic news operators have stated that the Icelandic […]

Alibaba Bans Crypto On Its Site

Alibaba – China’s BIGGEST e-commerce platform where you can purchase practically ANYTHING your heart desires. Wouldn’t it be great if such a platform incorporated crypto and Blockchain technology? It would do wonders for the crypto industry to be linked to such a site- and Alibaba really got our hopes up that this would be the […]