May 23, 2024

Rhino Coin To Play A Pivotal Role In Species Protection


South Africa holds 80% of the rhinoceros population in the world. The species is one of the most endangered on the planet with South Africa alone losing 1000 of them each year from poaching. Blockchain technology is being used to change these negative statistics.

Rhino Coin (RNC), as its known was founded by Alexander Wilcocks and Jacques Du Rands. It was launched specifically to aid the conservation of one of the world most endangered species.

How will RhinoCoin Protect The species?

There is an ongoing debate between pro-traders and anti-traders on how the currency will help protect species from poaching. Both sides aiming at eradicating the poaching practice.

The brainchild of the coin created it to give value to legal Rhino Coin on a 1 coin to 1 gram basis. This allows the conservationist to unlock the value of a stored asset with no legal market value at the moment.

Pro-traders believe that the stockpiles of rhino horns (most of which have been acquired by natural immortality) should be sold and hence provide income for the conversational efforts and reduce its demand hopefully ending poaching and illegal trade

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Rhino Conservation

The value of a rhino horn in the international market is at $125 per gram. Investors purchasing Rhino Coin on a 1:1 basis injects the much-needed capital into the conservation of the species on the short term. In the event that global trade becomes legal, they could also reap significant benefits internationally. Investors will be happy to know that they will be helping conserve these unique animals and they will also stand to get great returns if they trade RNC on Cornu Exchange. However, since domestic trade is legal, (subject to necessary permits), they can redeem the coins.

Blockchain Increases Investor Confidence Levels In Africa

On the other hand, a recent study by UWIN (Unleashing Wealth in Nations) reveals that increased technological advances, especially Blockchain are responsible for increased confidence levels by investors in Africa.

The findings of the report published BlockTribune suggest that;
• 42% of investors expect corruption levels to drop between now and 2023 in contrast to 25% who anticipate its increase.
• 45% of investors anticipate Africa to lead in economic growth in the next few years.
• 54% of investors agree that Africa will be more attractive for foreign direct investments because of the economic stability that will be enjoyed in the region. 44% say the young and fast-growing workforce give the region an advantage over developed countries who have the opposite.
• Many investors felt that issues that were holding back the continent were being addressed. Among the issues was lack of infrastructure which was highlighted by 82% of interviewed investors. On the other hand was lack of robust regulation, an issue raised by 78% and political risk which is a big issue for 80% of investors.
• Investment into Africa’s infrastructure is not expected to dwindle anytime soon as per the study. 80% of investors anticipate project finance Africa to break its boundaries in the next half-decade. A staggering 88% believe the amount on infrastructure will increase.
• 64% of pro-investors anticipate foreign direct investment increasing in Africa over the next 5 years.

All these positive news and stats are being attributed to Blockchain technology use which has taken transparency to a new level.

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