June 23, 2024

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Cryptocoin Is Unveiling Its ICO, What Are The Implications On Crypto Trading Options?

The Cryptocoin Insurance Company will be launching its ICO on November 1. The Blockchain startup company will be the first of a kind since it will allow clients to insure their Cryptocurrency deposits from slumps. This will be appropriate for revamping Crypto markets investments momentum as many people will be seeking to participate in options […]

A Swiss Bank To Assist Its Customers To Invest In ICOs

Swissquote has become the first bank to help its customers participated in ICOs. Previously, the Swiss bank has been allowing its clients to buy and sell Cryptocurrencies. The bank has said that it will assist its users to participate in LakeDiamond ICO. This company is involved in in the production of lab-grown diamond and is […]

Bitcoin Cash Releases Hivr, A Mobile Social App

Innovation in the Blockchain industry has been taken a notch higher by the release of a social media app, Hivr, by Bitcoin Cash. The social media application was released in beta form earlier this week. It is available on Google play store that can be accessed by all Android users. Hivr enables users to update […]

Coinbase And Circle Unveil USDC Stablecoin

Coinbase, a San Francisco based exchange and brokerage firm, has announced that from Wednesday 24th October its customers will be able to buy, sell, send and receive USDC, a USD pegged Cryptocurrency that had initially been unveiled by Circle. Stablecoins Best Suited For Business and E-commerce Transactions Customers of the firm from all over the […]

Mergers And Acquisitions In The Crypto Sphere Skyrocketing Despite The Bear Market

Going by a recently released report by the CNBC the current prolonged bear market being experienced in the Crypto sector has resulted in more organizations looking for growth opportunities through mergers and acquisitions. The report shows that the current bear market has not had a negative effect on investor confidence and that as a matter […]

Partnership Between Libertyx And Genmega To Increase Number Of Bitcoin Atms In The Us

It will be possible to purchase Bitcoin by using your debit card from various locations within the United States due to the deal that has been made between a Crypto vending machine firm and an ATM machine manufacturer. Upgrading The ATM Machine The deal that is looking to make this possible has been made between […]

Canada-based Mining Geek Revolts Cloud Mining Market

Nuvoo, which is undoubtedly Canada’s largest Cryptocurrency mining company, is now strategizing to emerge as the global top platform for profitable and convenient mining of cryptocurrency. Nuvoo has just introduced a brand new Bitcoin contract, which is set to transform the game for the entire market. This new contract comes with a month-to-month concept that […]

Binance Burns 1.6 Million BNP And Reaps $85 Million For Q3 2018

Binance has burned 1.6 Million BNP Tokens that are worth $17 billion. This is a fifth quarterly burn that is synonymous with most Blockchain platforms operational rules. In its whitepaper, Binance had promised to be burning unused Tokens and buying back a proportion of the total BNP supply. The publication of the information is in […]

Bitcoin Unlimited Adds New Features Ahead Of The November Fork

The development team for Bitcoin Unlimited has published the entire Bitcoin Cash edition version 1.5.0 for node clients, and includes a whole implementation of the November 15th upgrade features from the Bitcoin ABC. The team has revealed that the support for the ruleset of the Bitcoin SV team is still pending. However, Andrew Stone, who […]

A Colombian Delivery Service Startup To Add Bitcoin

Rappi customers will now be able to buy Bitcoin on the company’s platform. A local news outlet has said that although this new feature will not be available on Rappi App, those willing to purchase the Cryptocurrency will sign up once this feature is enabled. The delivery service startup was launched in Colombia in 2015 […]
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