May 23, 2024

Partnership Between Libertyx And Genmega To Increase Number Of Bitcoin Atms In The Us


It will be possible to purchase Bitcoin by using your debit card from various locations within the United States due to the deal that has been made between a Crypto vending machine firm and an ATM machine manufacturer.

Upgrading The ATM Machine


The deal that is looking to make this possible has been made between LibertyX, a Bitcoin ATM firm, and Genmega, a regular ATM manufacturer. This deal will make it possible for you to purchase Bitcoin in over 100,000 locations within the US.

However seeing that Genmega only services independent ATM operators, the ATMs containing the Buy Bitcoin feature will only be provided with the operators who want to extend this service.

In order for an ATM machine to include this feature, the operator will need to make an application for the service and then their ATM will receive a software upgrade which will then make the feature visible on the machine. With this customers will be able to purchase Bitcoin and have it sent to their wallet of choice.

Easier To Use ATM Machines

This development is sure to be a hit especially with new users seeing as purchasing Bitcoin from a vending machine is essentially similar to withdrawing money from an ATM machine. Going by LibertyX’s statement, it has long been the mission of the firm to create Crypto ATM machines that were easy to use for its clientele.

The statement made by the chief executive and co-founder of the firm, Chris Yim, said that the firm has been diligently working on making it easier to purchase digital assets from its inception which has culminated in the recent development that will make it not only easier to purchase Crypto but also convenient and more trustworthy.

According to recent statistics, there are currently close to 2330 Crypto ATM machines within the United States. This is the highest number of Bitcoin ATM machines in the globe, with the cities with the highest number, which is more than a hundred Bitcoin ATMs within each city, being Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, and New York. The largest manufacturer of Bitcoin ATM machines, Genesis Coin Inc., is also based in the United States and boasts of up to 32% of the current market share going by reports from Coin ATM Radar.

US Dominance Of The Bitcoin ATM Space

One of the main reasons why the United States has seen such a high number of Bitcoin ATM machines is mainly due to the high level of adoption of Cryptocurrencies as well as awareness. And going by the recently released market research report, this trend does not seem to be ending any time soon.

The market research report stated that it is likely that the United States will continue to dominate this market mainly the favourable environment for such investment and also due to the fact that a large number of hardware and software providers for ATMs were found within the states.

Current statistics put the overall number of Bitcoin ATM machines in the world at three thousand eight hundred, and the partnership is sure to increase this number.

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