March 5, 2024

LSK Doesn’t Catch A Break In Spite Of Imminent Launch Of Testnet

Sometimes no matter how hard you plan, things simply don’t go as you would like them to go, however that is no reason for you not to try anyway. Unfortunately, for the token LSK or rather Lisk, things simply went rather badly for them, and it seems that there is no end in sight for the carnage. Let’s get into the analysis of what exactly went wrong and perhaps find a flicker of hope for Lisk towards the end as well.

A Breakdown Of The Numbers

Lisk has declined by the total of 84% after reaching its all-time peak of $34.92, unfortunately for Lisk the end of its price slash does not seem to have yet been reached. This despite the fact that the creators are meant to deploy a prototype of their product (Lisk) on the 28th of June, if this isn’t a bad omen I don’t know what counts as a foreboding sign anymore. Some analysts are predicting that the trading value for Lisk will eventually begin to form an endpoint within the new few days and will possibly finish up the dip around $4.

What’s Weird About It All

It’s not as if the Lisk management staff have not been pretty vocal about the upcoming test date on social media, as a total of 5 594 490 users have been anticipated to move to the Lisk platform. In addition, Lisk has been frequently sending out how-to guides and information for future users via their Twitter profile, in addition to their continued presence at the various Blockchain or rather Cryptocurrency events that they attend. However, it seems that one of their main obstacles stems from the lack of buy-in that Lisk has managed to generate from within the Cryptocurrency community itself.

Lisk BlockchainThe team at Lisk is working very, very hard to change its own profile within the Cryptocurrency industry as we speak by aligning itself as a main element of the Cryptocurrency framework with the Dapp development movement. As it is Lisk has quite a revolutionary product; Lisk Hub is a tool that allows investors to have one convenient place to manage all of their LSK, as well as engage in all manner of services related to LSK. Now that doesn’t sound particularly innovative, the exciting bit is that through Lisk Hub a user now has the opportunity to create their very own Blockchain.

Lisk is answering a growing demand for smaller startups to be enabled to grow, as new creators would be able to utilize their own version of Lisk Blockchain for their own business venture. The app is secure in that each developer will be using a ‘sidechain’ in that should something go wrong with one person’s account, not all instances of Lisk will be affected. In addition, Lisk uses Javascript which is fantastic as it does not have the same issues as other offerings on the market who made use of their own programming language which became a significant barrier to easy adoption by many within the coding community.

But There’s Still Hope

Currently, Lisk is experiencing a significant decline; however, they have a strong product offering and a unique bid within the Cryptocurrency market. Therefore as time goes on within 2018 and the project continues to gain momentum, market value may also rise in line with continued performance.

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