April 21, 2024

VeChain Price Looking Up

VeChain Price Looking Up

Positive things tend to have positive side effects or so it is hoped, well in the case of cryptocurrencies this is turning out to be the case. As the general notion of an alternative to fiat currency is purveyed within the media and thereby gradually gains ground within the general populace, positive ramifications have begun to spur up. A series of markets that had been floundering since the outset of this year finally is showing signs that it could be moving onto much greener pastures. Of course, all of these signs within the greater market itself have been falling onto the smaller cryptocurrency tokens and other objects linked to these ICO’s. One, in particular, is sure to be dancing, VeChain has managed to have a 30% boost in price thanks to this positive wave of growth that has been floating through the crypto markets as of late.

VeChain – An Examination Of Statistics

The VeChain selling price managed to be propelled upwards by a grand total of 30%. Many analysts have chosen to interpret VeChain’s massive success as a major source of indication from the markets that things are bound to look up within the near future. Nevertheless, the grandiose movement from VeChain set off a bang within the inner workings of the entirety of the market that led to the entire worth of the cryptocurrency market to burgeon to a total of $5 billion in just the past 24 hours.

What is VeChain

VeChain Price Looking Up2To go into a little more detail, VeChain is the cryptocurrency token representing the smart contracts and blockchain technology that is used within logistical industries where the management of delivery of resources is crucial to success. Initially VeChain opened in the early hours yesterday morning selling at $0.008 but shortly after 7am the cryptocurrency guzzled an energy drink and began to take flight upwards. Only three hours later, at 10am, VeChain had managed to bulldoze over the $0.10 mark.

During noon, VeChain managed to soar so high as to touch $0.12, yet this was only a fleeting moment. Shortly after it began to calm down and by the later hours of the afternoon, VeChain had reached a total of $0.01 on the Binance crypto exchange platform. Yet, one must bear in mind that while the boost may have helped to prop up the market, VeChain in itself is not in the all clear. VeChain has still not recovered from its 7% loss that was incurred during the previous week’s trading.

Other Tokens Have Their Day

Currently, the massive undercurrent that managed to propel VeChain forward for its many investors, has also managed to land it on the Top 100 leaderboard for Altcoins, VeChain is joined by the likes of Ethereum and Monero. Ethereum (ETH) has also been helped out by a supernatural force of energy, as it too has had massive price rises. Although in Ethereum’s case the recent rise is most likely due to the fact that Coinbase is going to be offering Ethereum as one of its official tokens sooner rather than later. Well, all is well that ends well, and for VeChain things are looking better than ever, we wonder which crypto token will next have a massive surge?

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