June 23, 2024

Bitcoin Cash Releases Hivr, A Mobile Social App

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Innovation in the Blockchain industry has been taken a notch higher by the release of a social media app, Hivr, by Bitcoin Cash. The social media application was released in beta form earlier this week. It is available on Google play store that can be accessed by all Android users.

Hivr enables users to update their personal opinions about Bitcoin Cash onto its social news feed. Additionally, the platform comes with instant messaging, native wallet, native tipping, and many more features.

Community Forum Provisions Are Central To Cryptocurrency Platforms

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain platforms are ideally required to have a community forum where consensus can be built for voting purposes. Developers in many Blockchain platforms have been designing, revamping or upgrading a native site where users can interact with each other and be able to communicate with platform managers. Basically, native social media apps complement already what is already provided for in leading platforms such as Twitter, Telegram, or Facebook.

On the Case of Bitcoin Cash Blockchain, developers have been working towards providing Bitcoin Cash users with a dedicated platform where they can be able to form forums to chat, post, and to utilize their native instant messaging features. The new social media app will be intertwined with the main ecosystem for harmonization.

Hivr Was Developed With Competition In Mind

The team behind the concept of Hivr appreciated a fact that there are multiple platforms that already offers social media services to Bitcoin Cash users. Some of the services that alternative media offers include tipping and posting on Blockpress and Memo.cash, uploading of opinions, and chatting.

Hivr is unique as it allows free posting in contrast to many of these platforms that require users to pay in BTC as fees for using the services. The app allows users to create group chats, tip likable posts, and send tipped messages to their peers within a chat. Further, the app comes with a Hivr wallet for users who wish to secure their BCH in a comprehensive platform.

Hivr will integrate the Bitcoin Cash community into a closely-knit society. The implication will mean that Bitcoin Cash will grow as amazing ideas about investing and utilizing BCH will be shared by experts and experienced participants.


The Experience Of Using Hivr

When a Bitcoin Cash platform user downloads the app on an Android device, the individual will be able to see a login screen that invites new users to create an account. On the other hand, signed-up users can be able to log-in to the platform like any other online network/app. After signing in, the next step will entail prompting a new user to select sections of social interactions the appeal to the most such as Bitcoin Cash Blockchain topics or general news. Thirdly, the new account is assigned with a Bitcoin Cash wallet to enable a user to have a comprehensive Blockchain network to Chat, trade, and access Bitcoin Cash services without having to sign-in to a separate platform.

The app is yet to gain a lot of users, but BCH holders that utilize it are having a unique experience.

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