June 23, 2024

Bitcoin Unlimited Adds New Features Ahead Of The November Fork

Bitcoin Unlimited Adds New Features Ahead Of The November Fork

The development team for Bitcoin Unlimited has published the entire Bitcoin Cash edition version 1.5.0 for node clients, and includes a whole implementation of the November 15th upgrade features from the Bitcoin ABC. The team has revealed that the support for the ruleset of the Bitcoin SV team is still pending. However, Andrew Stone, who is the lead programmer of Bitcoin Unlimited, has indicated that he would love to see miners cast their votes on SV and ABC changes with the help of the BIP135 bits standard.

The Latest Version Introduces Bitcoin ABC’s Ruleset Changes

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It seems like the November 15th Bitcoin Cash hard fork is just a few days away, and stakeholders are working 24/7 to ensure everything is in order. On Sunday, 14th October 2018, the programmers at Bitcoin Unlimited published the new Bitcoin Unlimited version 1.5.0. The new Bitcoin Unlimited package would be able to work with the Bitcoin Cash chain as well as the previous hard fork consensus changes, which happened in the past.

Andrea Suisani, who is the director of the team, explained that the Bitcoin Unlimited software would include CTOR – Cononical Transaction Ordering, CDSV – The Opcode OP_Checkdatasigverify, a push-only rule for script-sig, an enforced clean stack rule, as well as a 100-byte minimum transaction size. The version also means that the Bitcoin Unlimited implementations would be entirely compatible with the changes of the Bitcoin ABC’s ruleset.

Grace Periods, BIP35 Voting System, And BTC SV

Stone went ahead to explain that if there is a high number of votes showing a significant consensus, then the November fork should be stopped or a BIP135 activation started. The professional engineer went ahead to explain that people do not have to run the Bitcoin Unlimited to vote on these features. This is due to the fact that Cryptocurrency miners would be able to set the BIP135 bits in their block version fields through the help of mining pool software.

He added that the BIP135 voting would automatically enable the feature, but only after a three-month 75% or greater yes and a three-month grace period. This is quite a long time, as it can be seen.


Happy BCH Enthusiasts

Judging from what has been happening on the social media forums and channels, Bitcoin Cash enthusiasts appeared so happy with the new upgrades. As the official date of the update draws closer, the team of developers from Bitcoin SV has introduced their latest full node client 0.1.0 release.

The new code, in contrast to the last releases, comes with all the three consensus changes that include re-enabled opcodes, 128MB block size increase and more opcodes per script. With Bitcoin SV launching the latest version, Bitcoin Unlimited may be forced to add the SV additions to the full node implementation. But just as the head of the development team stated, miners can now be able to favor particular proposals through the help of BIP135. This would happen either way.

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