September 24, 2023

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Will Crypto-Based Businesses Standup To The Wall Street Giants?

Cryptocurrency markets are slowly getting back on track, and barely anyone has escaped the mania of controversy surrounding Bitcoin. Many billion-dollar firms have been born of the cryptocurrency boom; including Coinbase, Bitmain and Canaan just to name a few of the most well-known crypto-giants. These billion dollar giants have already begun to compete with major […]

Bitcoin Facing Competition – Hello XLM

It seems that Bitcoin is facing more and more competition, all around new faces are streaming into the playground and the opposition for the king of recess is steep. However, that doesn’t mean we should count Bitcoin out, after all, no king goes down without a fight, but it does mean that we ought to […]

John McAfee Foretells The Next Boom

I imagine that the task of being a fortune teller must be quite daunting, as it is your credibility is constantly questioned, while your predictions are fanaticized and even if you’re right, you will still face a lack of faith in your beliefs. Luckily for John McAfee, one of the lead developers of security software […]

German Stock Exchange Analyzing Bitcoin

The German Stock Exchange has currently dug their heels in and buried their heads into Cryptocurrencies and all things associated in order to get to grips with Bitcoin. At present the operating company of the German Stock Exchange –Deutsche Boerse – is reviewing all available legislation, current models and information in order to assess whether […]

One Of The First Security Crypto Exchanges Will Be Launched And Is Fully Regulated

One of the main deterrents to Cryptocurrencies being accessible to the masses is the fact that many exchanges and Cryptocurrencies exist outside the realms of legislation and governmental authority. Let’s just say that the power of the law tends to put the vast majority of people’s minds at ease, particularly when it comes to things […]

Litecoin Is On A High

In 2018 a company’s social media presence cannot be underestimated, and if there is a Cryptocurrency brand that seems to understand this, then Litecoin should definitely be bagging a prize. Recently, there has been quite a lot of talk surrounding Litecoin and all of the news surrounding it, most notably how much of the speculation […]

Blockchain Can Flip Kenya’s Farming Practices

Working within an informal economy is hard enough; now add into the mix factors such as the establishment of a long-term history of transactions to use for things such as the procurement of a loan, and you are certain to face a seemingly unappeasable mountain. This is true for many of the small farmers within […]

Bitcoin Price Climbs Up To $8 300

Well, if one thing is for certain it’s that Cryptocurrencies never have a dull day, Bitcoin is one of the digital currencies that seem to epitomize the expression ‘ahead of the curve’. As we report, yet again, that Bitcoin has had another good day in a seeming full run of positive innings; it almost seems […]

Exchange For Cryptocurrency-Based Securities Launched In Tel Aviv

The Floor is the Fintech source within Tel Aviv, Israel and one can imagine that when one of the most profitable and highly popularized businesses announces that they are partnering to produce a new securities Cryptocurrency platform the world will be talking. The Floor is working with Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, Accenture, Hyperledger, and Intel, […]

BTC Price In The Green And Florida Citizens Can Use BTC For Tax

Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies seem to have rebounded from their seemingly never-ending shortfall, and acceptance seems to be fast on the rise. Today in trading Bitcoin had one serious bull market, right out of the opening gates Bitcoin managed to rack up from $8 700 to $8 800. Yet, towards the end of the day […]
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