June 23, 2024

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Prices Are Going To Jump, xRapid Is On The Rise

Within the world of Cryptocurrencies, stable is a word that can almost be characterized as laughable. Recently, with the exponential rise of xRapid software, it seems that things are going to become even hotter in the kitchen, despite the proponents of XRP stating that the code isn’t a part of the digital currencies success. The […]

Tired Of ID Cards? Well, Blockchain Can Be The Answer

The idea of having Bitcoin or any Cryptocurrency for that matter come as part of a standard package on your brand-new smartphone, may seem foreign to you at the moment. However, Huawei has plans to roll out its very own Bitcoin wallet BTC.com as a standard offering in their Applications library. The Purpose Behind Adoption […]

Blockchain Is Verifying Your Details, So You’ll Be Gone But Not Forgotten

Blockchain technology has many detractors and supporters within today’s world and as the growth of blockchain technology continues to persist it will certainly gain many more proponents and opponents. However, an exciting new path has opened that gives not only consumers but organizations in all sizes complete peace of mind that their data has been […]

Cryptocurrency Price Index Set To Be Made Official By Billionaire Bull Novogratz

If you’re wondering today has made history, well at least in the world of Cryptocurrency that is, if you’re wondering why that is, well one of the unlikeliest things that could ever have happened occurred today. What was this unfathomable thing? Well, one of the leading crypto exchanges partnered with a billionaire to make up […]

Israeli Union Bank Forced Into Legal Proceedings Over Bitcoin Mining

Many might remember the saying when one door closes another one opens, however, it seems the Israeli Cryptocurrency firms have yet to receive this information. Why, you may ask? Well, Israel has for the most part, been decidedly unwelcoming to the idea of non-fiat currency. However, the various firms in Israel determined to carve out […]

The Trail Of Bitcoin Miners In Iceland’s Scandal Have Led To China

Success attracts all kinds of attention, and unfortunately, this is true for even those of us within the world of Cryptocurrency. Recently, evidence from the recent looting of hardware from Cryptocurrency exchange mining operation in Iceland is believed to have turned up in China of all places. Icelandic news operators have stated that the Icelandic […]

A Closer Look Into Bitcoin And Why It’s Currently Improving

Cryptocurrencies in general, but certainly its most prominent offering Bitcoin, suffered in the last couple of months, with many fearing that this may be the crash that crypto exchanges and Blockchain technology would not recover from. However, regardless of the fears and the surrounding paranoia, Bitcoin has in fact, in essence, appeared, much to the […]

Millions Lost May Not Ever Be Seen By The Victims Of Coinsecure’s Security Breach

The loss of an investment is something that no one would wish upon themselves, and unfortunately, even with all of the security advances within technology today, the possibility of losing an investment due to theft is still there. This was the nightmare that unfolded when this year, on April the 13th a total of $3. […]

Blockchain Can Reduce Bitcoins Drain On The Power Grid

Many energy companies have been inspired by the possibilities that Blockchain technology may be able to produce for them and the world at large, as the contest to be the first to successfully incorporate Blockchain technologies into energy provision, it becomes clear that Blockchain is the way of the future for energy as a whole. […]

British Parliament Told That Bitcoin Has Few Clear Benefits To Society

Well, if anyone was hoping to see Bitcoin become mainstream in England then their wait will still be a long way from being satisfied. In a debate within HM Treasury Select Committee in the United Kingdom today, the ministers of parliament were informed that Blockchain technologies and Cryptocurrencies as a whole have a minimal amount […]
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