June 23, 2024

Blockchain Is Verifying Your Details, So You’ll Be Gone But Not Forgotten

Blockchain Is Verifying Your Details, So You’ll Be Gone But Not Forgotten

Blockchain technology has many detractors and supporters within today’s world and as the growth of blockchain technology continues to persist it will certainly gain many more proponents and opponents. However, an exciting new path has opened that gives not only consumers but organizations in all sizes complete peace of mind that their data has been well and truly wiped off of a database.

How The World Today Functions

In current times we all tend to use multiple devices that can all be simultaneously connected to the Internet at once. Additionally, through the use of single sign-on principles, we can use one account – such as our Gmail or Facebook profiles – to log in to most sites across the world. Things keep on changing, from the way we view entertainment to the way we work because working in an office is officially no longer the only option available and pretty soon even learning within a classroom may become totally optional.

However, as the recent Facebook data scandal showed, all things are not rosy in this new paradigm of ours. Since the advent of the consumer side of the Internet, people have taken to the World Wide Web with an innate fanaticism building vast pools of data that can be stored on company servers and clouds worldwide. Everything from your shopping cart, to your favorite search topics, has been recorded and now the new question is how can we assure people that their data can be removed?

As this question spirals out of control and with many aiming to delete as many accounts as they possibly can, there is another solution that is often overlooked. A person can simply ask to be ‘forgotten’ from the company’s database and any third party databases linked to that company’s list as well; however, this comes with many complications. One of these complications is how to actually make sure that these instructions on behalf of the user is actually completed as and when the consumer requires it.

The Need For Blockchain

It seems the desire to have personal data taken out of reach of organizations is growing. Since 2014 Google has taken in more than 500 000 cases of individuals who would like to have all of their data erased so that they may be made unavailable. The European Union is going to be launching a law that makes it mandatory for a company to wipe all records of a consumers data at the consumer’s request, yet the logistics of this still remain an issue.

Unless, you consider blockchain technology, through blockchain it is a simple matter to control data in such a way that each record can be kept if necessary for future reference while still giving full control over the data to the person whom it belongs to. Blockchain technology has been one of the most important factors in the rise of cryptocurrencies and their viability within the current market, the future of data security seems to be needing blockchain as well to ensure not only anonymity but also integrity within the global system.

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