June 23, 2024

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ONLINE Ico Review

Online.io token is a digital asset that unleashes ads from the internet, tracking software and malware in a unique way, thus leading to an enjoyable and a more secure browsing experience complete with benefits that are sizeable for web operators as well as end users.


Symbol: OIO
Pre-sale start date: 15th June 2018
Public start date: 10th July 2018
TGE end date: 31st July 2018
Max OIO tokens: 2.500.000,000
OLO token price $ 0.04
Soft cap: $ 5,000,000
Hard cap: $50,000,000

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FeaturesMain Features Includes

No Ads

Web users are at this moment paying to browse either via subscriptions or through some less transparent fees like digital advertising. In ONLINE.IO imagined environment, users of the web will enjoy ad-free Internet and at the same time, the operators of the web will benefit from financial rewards.

No Tracking Policy

Our society today is quite interconnected and companies are adopting practices that are less transparent such as behavioral profiling and online tracking. In the process, sensitive information such as health records and financial records are collected and in the process, it raises a mountain of privacy concerns. This is not the case with ONLINE.IO their solution includes a tracking script blocker which severely disrupts the ability to continuously keep tracking in real-time the activity of the user.

Malware Protection

The most comprehensive way of collecting people’s sensitive as well as confidential information illegally is through cyber attacks. In today’s highly interconnected world due to the expansion of the internet, cyber attacks that are aimed at collecting people’s sensitive and confidential information are skyrocketing, this happens mainly through websites that are infected and ones that contain hidden malware scripts. ONLINE.IO has a solution to this because the end user is protected using a customized anti-malware as well as ad blocking script that safeguards users personal data and in the process enhance their security.

Extended Browsing

ONLINE.IO enables browsing extensions for mobile browsers as well as major desktops that include tracking script blocker, ads blocker, web wallet and anti-malware. On top of that ONLINE.IO integrates a voting system that helps to curate the Internet

Boosting Browsing

It is a no-brainer that ads slow down ones browsing speed, this explains why there is an ever-increasing number of users that are using ads blocker so as to faster navigate the internet. Through ONLINE.IO the end user benefits from the effects of using ads blocker and at the same time the user enjoys a more private and secure browsing experience, while the web operator benefits by monetizing his website’s content.

Based On The Ethereum

Through the use of standard ERC20 tokens that come from the Ethereum platform, ONLINE.IO guarantees the user full accountability and transparency, which means that all the users’ transactions are visible on the public Blockchain.


Everyone benefits from a secure, private and ads free browsing experience, the end user ranks each website based on his own experience and by using a voting system that is based on 1-5 stars. The stars are then converted by an algorithmic formula in Trust Rating, this is a representation of the quality of each website that is awarded by its visitors.

Token Distribution

5% of OLO tokens are reserved for partners advisors.

10% of OLO tokens are allocated for marketing as well as loyalty purposes.




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