June 23, 2024

New Ethereum Standard Set To Hit The Shelves


Change is on its way, and just like the app updates for your smartphone happen sporadically and without much warning, so too it seems to do the updates to the new policy and procedures for Cryptocurrencies the world over. However, and this must be clarified, this particular change is not in the least bit ominous, in fact, this could be one of the most exciting updates thus far. Ethereum will be moving on up from ERC20 right through to ERC777, although the brand new market offering has yet to be signed off and shipped to market, it is already hotly anticipated.

Getting The Just

The latest token to potentially grace the exchanges was designed by Jordi Baylina, Jacques Dafflon, and Thomas Shababi. Breaking the news to the crypto-community at large on the 20th of November 2017, they also unveiled a working prototype to this community who had the opportunity to give constructive remarks and thereby work out the kinks prior to its full deployment. Just last week the creators gave a press release interview at DappCon where they sought to ease the public’s queries and concerns over the latest edition to the Cryptocurrency family.

Why It’s So Special?

During the talk, the creators mentioned that they believed that it was highly likely that the token should be approved and made ready for live use by the middle of August this year. Once the ER777 framework is officially done, any Blockchain or general software developer can make use of the structure as per their requirements. The team that is bringing out ER777 are of the opinion that some of the main advantages that ER777 boasts over its predecessor is the fact that it allows for far greater personalization than previously.

ER777’s Many Features

, In addition, ER777 has been fine-tuned to ensure that any and all events or payments taking place within a platform will happen efficiently and effectively. One of the main plus points is that the back end of ER777 coordinates rather easily with ERC20, this will help to ensure that developers who are currently making use of ERC20 can move flawlessly to the next model. Yet, one cannot speak of ER777 and not mention its true trump card, the main factor in its corner is that it has the buy-in of the crypto community. If anyone is interested, it is permissible to go online to git-hub and view the code for the standard as it is not owned by a private company but rather the crypto-community which will also help to foster greater support for the token.

One of the other winning features of ER777 is that it has the capabilities of advanced learning and will ultimately end up aiding the businesses and organizations of tomorrow, by enabling them to better supply and manage Smart Contracts today. Moreover, the latest version of Ethereum also comes with one more greatly demanded feature; ER777 will have the unique property of allowing hooks to be worked into the framework. Well, it is pretty easy to see why the world is waiting with baited breath for the latest version of Ethereum and we are in absolute agreement!

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