July 2, 2022

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Technology Is The Secret To Helping U.S. Healthcare Out?

It is no secret to anyone who has browsed through the documentary section of Netflix recently that the U.S. Healthcare system is in trouble, documentaries are pouring out decrying the many negative activities happening within the corridors of doctors halls. Many are choosing to jump ship from traditional healthcare to alternative medical offerings, with varying […]

Coinbase Applies For Patent

The world is in a continuous state of change, this demands not only all global citizens to be on the constant alert for innovation but for them to make it their priority. Many organizations have taken this motto to heart, working tirelessly to produce more and better ways of doing things. The cryptocurrency industry was […]

VeChain Price Looking Up

Positive things tend to have positive side effects or so it is hoped, well in the case of cryptocurrencies this is turning out to be the case. As the general notion of an alternative to fiat currency is purveyed within the media and thereby gradually gains ground within the general populace, positive ramifications have begun […]

Wall Street Readying For Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are being integrated into financial institutions throughout the world. Many countries are attempting to think of ways to incorporate cryptocurrencies as an alternative method of payment within the delivery of public services or as a way to go cashless within the private sector. Still there are many questions around cryptocurrencies when it comes to […]

India To Use Cryptocurrencies As A Method Of Payment

Switzerland was initially leading the way with the integration of cryptocurrencies into mainstream economic transactions, however they are having serious competition with this. As it is Malta and Gibraltar as well as others are desperately snatching up as many prospective crypto start-ups and well established crypto organizations as possible. However, they may soon have competition […]

Holistic View Over Security In Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies continue to build ground within today’s economy and many countries are seeking to attract crypto start-ups to their shores, however some questions remain. These questions don’t just affect the inquisitive investor but also whole countries and economies. Therefore, it seems only right to hunker down and attempt to find answers to all of these […]

Facebook Looking Into Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more widely integrated within the current financial systems and legislation around the world. The growing demand within consumer and professional markets has seen rapid movements in places such as Switzerland and Malta; many governments are now competing to see which country can pull in the greatest number of crypto startups. […]

Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple – how will they perform in the future?

Cryptocurrencies are building themselves up, slowly but surely, however, just as in life, no story is always going upwards nor is it always going downwards. Rather it is in a constant dynamic state of evolution, this is not something to inspire fear within the new investor but rather to aid the new investor with hope, […]

Equiti Games To Establish A $125 Billion Gaming Sector Through Blockchain

The gaming industry is enormous and continues to thrive, it has become so huge that many are of the opinion that in the future just as many athletes will emerge out of the e-sports arenas as they will out of traditional sports. In addition to this gaming has gone on to change the way marketing […]

Bitcoin Market Seeming To Head The Right Way

The markets seem to be heading in a more positive streak after the many upheavals during the beginning of the year, while the exact cause of the initial turbulence cannot be pinpointed, one thing seems almost certain looking ahead. What is that thing? Well, it’s the fact that crypto exchanges and prominent Cryptocurrency ICO’s seem […]
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