July 2, 2022

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A Japanese City Tests A Blockchain-Based Voting System

The City of Tsukuba in Japan has completed a trial for a blockchain technology-based system of democratic voting In the mock electoral process, 119 residents in the local jurisdiction participated in the exercise. The City Was Developed As A Science Park Tsukuba is a model city like Brasilia, Canberra, and Silicon Valley. The whole idea […]

Local Currency To Be Replaced By Cryptocurrency In A Korean Province

A province found in the Eastern side of South Korea has plans of issuing its own virtual coin to take the place of the local currency used in the nine cities found there. The new cryptocurrency will be issued with a new exchange once it has been put in place. The coins would be used […]

Virtual Crypto Technologies To Release The First Interoperable ATM Software

Israel based Virtual Crypto Technologies, Inc has announced to the world about the release of an interoperable system for point of sale Cryptocurrencies processing machines. This is good news considering that the new software will be used to allow conventional ATM machines from all over the world to be used as points of buying Cryptocurrencies. […]

UAE Has Its First Sharia Compliant Crypto Exchange: Adab Solutions

The United Arab Emirates is getting its first Sharia-compliant crypto exchange. Adab Solutions, a Crypto exchange startup is marketing itself after the launch as the First Islamic Sharia Exchange (FICE). Adab Is Targeting The Huge Market Niche Islam is a religion with about 1.8 million people according to Adab statistics. Secondly, the Islamic financial assets […]

84% Of TMT Executives Believe The Blockchain Tech Is Reaching The Mainstream

A recent research finding from Deloitte shows that 84% of telecoms, media, and technology (TMT) companies are certain that the Blockchain technology will replace the existing technology in the near future. They believe that this will happen if the same trend of adoption continues. A Significant Portion Is Setting The Ground For Adoption Deloitte found […]

India’s Reserve Bank Is Creating The National Cryptocurrency, The Lakshmi

In January 2017, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) released an internal circular that leaked to the press. This circular revealed that plans are underway for the Indian Rupee to be digitized to a national Cryptocurrency, the Lakshmi Coin. This is because the Blockchain technology has “matured enough” for the RBI to trust the integrity of […]

CNBC Predicts Bitcoin ETF To Be Allowed In 2019

One of the major goals of the cryptocurrency industry as a whole, for 2018 that is, has been to have a Bitcoin ETF or Exchange Traded Fund formally approved by the US S.E.C. or Securities and Exchange Commission. So far two applications that have been submitted by the Winklevoss brother’s on behalf of Gemini have […]

Cryptocurrency To Guide Itself

The ability for cryptocurrencies and their companies to receive effective legislation, that serves not only the general public and private investors need to protect themselves from risk but also the states need for these companies to be safe and viable. In addition, all of this legislation also needs to be non-restrictive to the innovative engines […]

UEFA Rolls Out Tickets For Madrid Derby Using Blockchain

Blockchain technology has a multitude of scenarios that can be used in and adapted for, the trick is firstly knowing where to use it and secondly, to be willing to try. Currently, the world is slowly but surely experimenting with various use cases for blockchain technology within a diverse range of sectors including logistics and […]

South Korea Find Crypto To Be Exceeding Expectations

Crypto currencies have been receiving a large amount of spotlight within the financial world and the political arenas as of late thanks in part to the growing interest of consumers and businesses to partner with crypto payments. The demand is growing exponentially, but even as demand grows, questions of the future grow at the same […]
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