June 23, 2024

Virtual Crypto Technologies To Release The First Interoperable ATM Software

Virtual Crypto Technologies To Release The First Interoperable ATM Software

Israel based Virtual Crypto Technologies, Inc has announced to the world about the release of an interoperable system for point of sale Cryptocurrencies processing machines. This is good news considering that the new software will be used to allow conventional ATM machines from all over the world to be used as points of buying Cryptocurrencies.

The Software Will Be A Game Changer

The software is dubbed as the NetoBit Trader. ATM machine operators can retrofit their devices to enable all users to participate in crypto exchanges in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Monero, etc.

This software has cutting-edge features that can support remote installation through the virtual crypto. This aspect will ensure hassle-free integration, utilization adoption and integration of the software into the conventional ATM software.

Apart from enabling ATM users to undertake Digital currency exchanges on ATMs, the software will enable Cryptocurrency holders to access their wallets on an ATM, change their tokens to fiat money and withdraw the cash like in any conventional money point. The software is designed to sync with not only the new version of ATMs with camera features and other advanced technology but also the old version ATMs that may be existing in some countries in the world such as North Korea, Central African Republic, Afghanistan, Somalia, etc.

How The NetoBit Trader Works

This technology is designed to simplify the Crypto exchanges so that the mass adoption of Cryptocurrencies can occur. In this light, all that an individual wishing to sell Cryptocurrencies via the software needs to do is to scan the QR code that appears the screen interface of the ATM. Within a short time, the machine will represent a series of variables for the transactions and the individual will receive fiat money in exchange for the Cryptocurrency figure.

The pros of the software are anchored in the real-time transactions, favorable exchange rates, and convenience to digital coin holders. This Is possible as the software will scan for the most favorable blockchain based Crypto exchange to ensure that a user gets the best service available.

About Virtual Crypto Technologies

The company has the experience and reputation of developing hardware and software that are vital in the processing of Cryptocurrencies transactions at points of sale such as ATMs, tablets, mobile devices, and PCs. The mission of the company is to make cryptocurrencies accessible to everyone on a global scene.

The company uses the NetoBit technology for its proprietary algorithmic technology trading platform that can process transactions at times of between 10seconds to 24 hours. The company is therefore vital for businesses, consumers and Crypto investors.

Alon Dayan, the CEO for Virtual Crypto Technologies is positive that the release of the software is a manifestation of the mission of the company of making Cryptocurrency transactions easy. Dayan also forecasted that the software will precipitate an unprecedented boom in digital coins adoption since there is a channel that proffers liquidity in a convenient manner. Analysts forecast that the NetoBit Trader software will lead to the growth of Crypto supporting ATMs from the current 3500.

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