June 23, 2024

UEFA Rolls Out Tickets For Madrid Derby Using Blockchain

UEFA Rolls Out Tickets For Madrid Derby Using Blockchain

Blockchain technology has a multitude of scenarios that can be used in and adapted for, the trick is firstly knowing where to use it and secondly, to be willing to try. Currently, the world is slowly but surely experimenting with various use cases for blockchain technology within a diverse range of sectors including logistics and online shopping. Yet, there are still so many more applicable options and we have truly only begun to scratch the surface of blockchain capabilities, however as user adoption grows so does the applicable scenarios. The most noteworthy recent case is straight out of the sporting world.

UEFA Rolls Out Tickets For Madrid Derby Using BlockchainUEFA Tests It Out

UEFA has shared how a proof of concept test that has been proved successful. UEFA managed to send out purchased tickets for the match between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid via a blockchain ticket management system. The update, which was shared on the official website for the head of Europe’s football league, shared how the tickets were sent out via a downloadable Android and iOS app.

Current Problems In Tickets

There are many hurdles within the ticket distribution for events, and UEFA has experienced quite a number of them since its inception. One of the main sources of sales loss is the fact that individuals can attempt to provide fraudulent tickets or may even lose their authentic tickets and have no way of proving that they actually purchased the ticket. These can cause additional headaches for organizers as the possibility for fans having violent outbursts when denied entry to the event is very real.

A clear example of this issue was in 2007 at the final match between AC Milan and Liverpool held in Greece, there was a high prevalence of fake tickets that ultimately led to a PR disaster. Under the guidance of the current system there is no effective way of identifying the real supporters and the ones who knowingly or not purchased fake tickets. This causes situations where many, many more attendants to events are allowed in, thus making the event organizers contravene safety laws and regulations.

The New System

The new ticket system removes the possibility of people purchasing bunches of tickets with the purpose of selling them again for profit. The system will sell all available tickets to real fans and send them out via the iOS and Android applications. The system is based off of blockchain technology, additionally it makes use of Bluetooth connectivity, which when a user is at the event the Bluetooth connection will sync through to the stadium directory and provide the user access.

The system has had smaller scale tests, such as at the 2018 Europa League Final where the event planners arranged to have half of all the tickets purchased managed through the blockchain framework. UEFA has announced that while the system is still under development, they will continue to make use of it at events in the future with the hope of transitioning to it on a massive scale in the future. This seems to be the start of an amazing new way of managing tickets at events and hopefully getting rid of the endless queue’s, who knows they may even become a distant memory.

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