July 2, 2022

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Swiss Being Pushed To Prop Up The Crypto Industry

Switzerland is one of the countries in the world that has been the most receptive towards Cryptocurrencies thus far; however, just recently two major banks within the country have formally broken any agreements with crypto-startups. Yet, the actions of these banks are in stark contrast to public sentiment and that of the governments who strongly […]

Binance Pulls In The Vechain Tokens

So many exciting things are happening within the world of digital assets and cryptocurrencies at the moment, one of the most enticing topics has to do with one of the major players, Binance. Binance has shared that it will be most definitely moving on course with the VeChain or rather VEN token swapping project. This […]

CFTC Warns US Government To Go Easy With Crypto

One of the main aims of governments and regulatory bodies all over the world is to bring further regulation to the world of Cryptocurrencies and digital financials. The US government is focusing intensely on carving out the exact legislation that will help to bring Cryptocurrencies well into the mainstream of financial markets. However, a director […]

Bitcoin Climbs Over The $7,000 Mark

Speak about Cryptocurrencies, or even just mention digital assets in general, and what is one of the first things to come to mind, even in the thoughts of those who have barely heard about the world behind Crypto? Well, it’s Bitcoin. Bitcoin or BTC for short is the original Cryptocurrency token and while it might […]

BTC On A High

The Cryptocurrency markets are facing a huge amount of attention currently as analysts are vying to be the ones to accurately predict the exact date of the resurgence of Bitcoin to its former glory. Who knows which analyst will be the one to receive that ovation, in the meantime though, Bitcoin or BTC continues to […]

Switzerland’s Stock Markets Want To Include Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies and Crypto-startups all over the world are attempting to gain a foot in the established sector of financial instruments and it seems that Switzerland is one of many countries in the world eager to be the stepping stone for them. SIX Group is the holding company of main formal stock market within Switzerland, has […]

Binance Wants A Bank

Several countries are in the process of experimenting with Cryptocurrencies as an alternative to fiat currencies, and one country in particular, Malta, has passed brand new laws hoping to garner more Cryptocurrency investment to the region. These three bills were pushed forward by the Maltese authorities in order to attract some of the bigger players […]

Bitcoin Imposters Caught In Court

As Cryptocurrencies continually gain more traction within the media and the general populace, they have also continued to gain a rather undesirable momentum amongst the criminal organizations within society. Illegal groups seem to realize the opportunities that Cryptocurrencies advance not just for transferring vast sums of money around the world effortlessly, but also for making […]

Stressing Over Safety Of Crypto Exchanges Causes Trading Prices To Drop

It seems that cryptocurrencies all over the world have joined hands and plunged into an unexpected but rather intense plummet, with no bottom in sight. The recent turn of the markets must be an unwanted episode straight out of a nightmare for many Crypto-investors irrespective of what currency they are in, but before we begin […]

The Latest Predictions For Bitcoin Are Positively Gloomy

Of all the Cryptocurrencies out there it is safe to say that Bitcoin definitely tends to get hit the hardest. Of course, all of the beatings Bitcoin receives tends to ripple out towards the rest of the market. But still, the fact that for the vast majority of this year, the Cryptocurrency that was the […]
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