July 2, 2022

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Bitcoin Fallen Out Of Favor With China

Cryptocurrencies are not a welcome topic within much of mainstream life throughout the world, although that is starting to change, and there are some countries that have outright banned Cryptocurrency trading. China is one such example where the government declared the trading of any form of Cryptocurrencies to be illegal. Hence leading to a recent […]

Latest News In Cryptoworld As Bitcoin Drops After Doom And Gloom Report

The ups and downs of the Cryptocurrency market have become quite a spectacular affair as of late, with just about everyone and their dog wanting to pitch into the commentary. However, while this obviously has the benefit of spreading the word to the general populace about Cryptocurrencies, and as the saying goes, ‘there is no […]

Over $750,000,000 Has Been Stolen From Exchanges In 2018

Unfortunately, as something becomes bigger and attracts people to the potential of a product to do good and the product begins to gain traction within the market, the product – in this case, Cryptocurrencies – also gains the undesired attention of illegal groups. This is probably the easiest way to explain how a sum greater […]

SEC Handout Ruling On Underhanded Blockchain Share Trades

What comes around goes around, or so they say, regardless of what you might personally think of the myriad old saying that has to do with karma, it is apparent that someone was playing with the wheel of Fortune. Why, well because someone’s luck has just run out, yes we are feeling pretty cheesy today. […]

Over 800 Crypto-Startups Don’t Even Have A Nickel To Their Name

Entrepreneurship is hard, blazing a trail in an industry that has taken quite a bit of slack that happens to be even harder, however more and more companies are signing on to be part of the Cryptocurrency pilot. While every day new ICO’s are registered and new hopeful CEO’s stare out of their shiny offices […]

Crypto Markets Performance Over The Weekend

This past weekend has been a momentous time within the Crypto markets; Bitcoin or BTC along with other major Cryptocurrencies have managed to regain a lot of traction that had previously been thought lost and more importantly, these same ICO’s managed to hold their ground through to Monday. For anyone who has been following the […]

Path Of Cryptocurrencies – Where Are They Headed?

There has been a lot of criticism thrown at Cryptocurrencies original prototype, it seems that everyone has something to say about the former leader of the Crypto market. But has it lost its way, or are Cryptocurrencies merely entering a new phase, are they in the process of growth and we have to get used […]

The Rise Of Crypto ‘Pump And Dump’ Scams

Cryptocurrency is still in a place where within the general public many views it as a scam or illegitimate form of investment, and those are still kind ways of saying those terms. However, much has been done and is being done to remove this perennial image from the minds of people when it comes to […]

LSK Doesn’t Catch A Break In Spite Of Imminent Launch Of Testnet

Sometimes no matter how hard you plan, things simply don’t go as you would like them to go, however that is no reason for you not to try anyway. Unfortunately, for the token LSK or rather Lisk, things simply went rather badly for them, and it seems that there is no end in sight for […]

Microsoft May Attempt To Reign Over BlockChain Too?

Anyone who has ever attempted to purchase a laptop or PC knows the overarching reach of Microsoft within today’s world; from operating systems right through to Office 365 and now educational software as well as cloud technologies. Microsoft truly is everywhere, with data centers cropping up anywhere with suitable land and so many businesses competing […]
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