May 23, 2024

Path Of Cryptocurrencies – Where Are They Headed?

There has been a lot of criticism thrown at Cryptocurrencies original prototype, it seems that everyone has something to say about the former leader of the Crypto market. But has it lost its way, or are Cryptocurrencies merely entering a new phase, are they in the process of growth and we have to get used to the growing pains of this cycle? Well, it’s a running theory for the moment, nonetheless, let us dive in and review the evidence surrounding Bitcoin.

The Origins Of Bitcoin

Moving back to the very origin of Bitcoin, the initial aim of the Cryptocurrency was to introduce a virtual currency that would allow all people to operate with money outside of the realms of legislation and control by government regulation. However, if we look at the current realm that Cryptocurrencies are working in and will be operating in soon, this is very little like the initial vision or purpose that the creators of Bitcoin and Blockchain had in mind. Instead of anarchy, we see big business and governments joining together with Cryptocurrencies to reconfigure a new place in the market for Cryptocurrencies to work within and thereby to achieve the original goal of having as many people throughout the world adopt Cryptocurrencies as possible.

An Alternative View

This might not be the altruistic goal of having a Cryptocurrency made for the people, run by the people, within the hands of the people; however as Cryptocurrency may have begun as a more rebel trend it is now very much a portfolio piece of the twenty-first century. Whether or not this is progress forward, depends mostly on your perspective, but it must be remembered that through legislation and the government approval of Cryptocurrencies far more people will be willing to accept and make use of Cryptocurrencies. Which will help to make them more mainstream.

But Has It Lost It’s Soul?

Yet, while there are some who believe Cryptocurrencies have lost their soul in this tryst with big business and the machines of the economy, there is another facet to all of this that they may have yet to conceptualize. Once Cryptocurrencies are widely adopted, and much of the common man has gotten their hands on the technology, people will make wider use of not just ICO’s but of Blockchain as well. As people get more to grips with the technology and see all of the possibilities for implementation, people will then begin to be able to take back the technology from big business.

As some people have suggested. Bitcoin may not be selling out its soul, but rather choosing to walk another path to reach its original endpoint. Therefore, the incorporation within the cogs of society is not a loss for the Crypto-community but rather a means of ensuring that their product expands and helps the people that they originally envisioned helping. Although then again this all depends on where you sit within the world, however one thing is for certain as the SEC continues to make announcements on Cryptocurrencies, new Crypto startups continue to be born, and additional ICO’s flood the market, Crypto will begin to perforate through the whole of society.

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