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Bitlumens – Decentralized Renewable Energy Systems using BLS



Getting to Know Bitlumens

There is no better word that can describe Internet of things than what Bitlumens does. This is a Blockchain firm that was created for the purposes of availing water and solar power to rural regions and those that are far off. The main technology that the company uses is fully powered by the Internet of things and Blockchain.

As the main sponsor of the Minimum Viable Products, a project running in Latin America, the firm seeks to offer environmental and social upgrade for those who are in dire need of it. Having been registered in Switzerland, the company has brought on board experts who have a wide experience in this market.

Bitlumen tokenThe Token

Token: BLS
Token Type: ERC20
The ICO’s Pre Sale Start Date: 26th April 2018
The ICO’s Pre Sale End Date: 30th April 2018
The Main Sale Start Date: 1st May 2018
The Main Sale End Date: 28th May 2018

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BitlumenHow Does it Work?

The main aim of this platform is to introduce an eco- and user-friendly Internet of things device that would bring water and energy to regions that are not banked and don’t have a well-arranged power grid. It would be the work of the company’s agents to install the hardware and ensure that the payments are collected.

The company has a special application that it would apply for the purposes of fetching information regarding each client’s usage and knows the right amount to charge them. The tokens would then be used to access the main Bitlumens’ platform. The systems here work with the Ethereum Blockchain as well as the ERC20, which is entirely based on Ethereum.

The tokens would also work as participation rights tokens and this would enable the investors to assist in the development of the firm and ensure its main goal is achieved. In short, Bitlumens’ main platform would operate by consensus.

It is also very imperative to note that the tokens would only be bought by farmers and other individuals who reside in the regions that are covered in the company’s program.

To cater for the rural communities that might be in need of battery torches, kerosene, and candles, the firm has intentions of applying a clean technology. This would enable them to improve not only their businesses but also their standards of life. The pilot program has already begun while its mobile application is its beta phase.

The Details of the ICO

The presale had already begun on the 26th of April 2018, and those who want to become investors in this platform are invited to take part in the ICO. The sale of the token will run from the first of May to 28th May 2018.

BitlumenIs this the Right Investment?

Although that might be a hard question to answer, the information provided above shows that Bitlumens might be the best company to invest in.

The company has brought on board some of the best minds and brains in this market, and this is an assurance to those who might be thinking of investing here. They have been in this industry long enough and have gained the relevant experience needed to keep the project moving.








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