April 21, 2024

Zero Carbon Project – Tackling Climate Change Using Blockchain



The Token Structure

Name: Energis
Token ticker: NRG
Total Supply: 240,000,000
Tokens for sale: 121,330,000
Hard cap: $ 20 Million
Soft cap: $ 2 Million
Private Pre-sale: 1st May until the sale of 28,000,000 NRG (28,000,000 NRG)
Public Pre-sale: To be announced (33,330,000 NRG)
Public Main sale: To be announced (60,000,000 NRG)
Token price: $ 0.2

Website | Whitepaper | Telegram

Note: Although the values are shown in USD, new amounts will be given in ETH before the first round sale.

Zero-Carbon-ProjectThe money raised through the tokens will be used:
• In launching the Zero Carbon Market worldwide.
• Marketing to enhance consumer base.
• Developing new software and products.
• Servicing the project’s customer base.

In the wake of increased use of fossil energy and pollution, Zero Carbon Market has emerged to encourage the consumption of renewable energy by rewarding its customers with Energis token.

Why Zero Carbon Project is important

• Climate change is a real threat as it poses catastrophic risks.
• The high cost of renewable energy sources is hindering their effectiveness in reducing carbon emission.
• Despite the knowledge of a majority of the population on the adverse effects of fossil fuels on the environment, they keep using them because of their low cost.

How The Market Works

Zero-Carbon-ProjectThe main goal of the Zero Market Project is to encourage consumption of carbon-free fuels. Zero Market encourages competition by attracting various suppliers with different energy prices to meet the size, location, and consumption specifications of customers. This is done in the following way:

• Suppliers of carbon energy present their best offers.
• Consumers then compare the different offers.
• The Market allows consumers to choose their preferred option.
• The consumers finish the contract directly with their preferred suppliers.

Energis Tokens Work

Energis tokens have been made to be valuable to achieve their goal of addressing climate change. The flow of the Energis tokens will rely on smart contracts on the Blockchain.


The Team

A group of people who strongly support the use of new technologies to address climate change leads the Zero Carbon Project. Derek Myers is the group’s CEO. The director is Thomas Schmitz while Robin Antulov serves as the financial advisor.


Zero Carbon Project is a great project that promotes the importance of protecting the environment.

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