May 23, 2024

BGX – The Most Powerful Decentralized Processing Platform


BGX Ico Review

BGX is a project that hopes to introduce game developers and app markets to the crypto economy through BGX tokens. The project intends to revolutionize the mobile gaming industry by giving an opportunity for new mobile game distributors and allow game developers to make financial gains for their inventions.


Marker: BGX
Price of token: 1BGX = USD 0.10
Pre-Sale: May 8 – May 14
Sales Dates: May 22 – June 19, 2018
Type of Token: ERC20
TGE platform: Ethereum
Pre-Sale Goal: USD 3,000,000
Crowdsale Softcap: USD 4,000,000
Crowdsale Hardcap: USD 50,000,000
Maximum Emission: 1,000,000,000
Token Price: 1 BGX = $0.10
Accepted Currency: BTC, ETH

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The Gaming Sector Today

In recent years, numerous game projects have joined the crypto market and gone ahead to release their tokens. The sector has grown and now occupies the third place on ICO, according to Icorium. In the future, there will be highly specialized tokens. However, one of the greatest challenges that have to be addressed is the lack of a simple exchange for the game tokens and other tokens. The greatest one has been identified as the high volatility of digital assets.

BGXMobile games are the most popular and fastest growing applications. Despite this huge popularity, most developers don’t make enough money to develop new games. The presence of many games in Google Play and App Store makes it hard for new entrants to penetrate the market.

A decentralized system could be crucial in the gaming industry. Given the challenge of developing new ways of distributing mobile games apart from Google Play and App Store, a decentralized economy is a perfect remedy. Its use can help in making the games available to users, processing payments, and making a fair distribution market a reality.

Despite the high popularity of mobile gaming, the sector lacks monetization models. Currently, there is a lack of a model to ensure equal distribution of revenue among all-important players. BGX will help in developing a multifunctional processing platform.

Advantages of BGX to Investors, Gamers, Developers, And Partners

• BGX provides an opportunity for investors to join the mobile games market.

• The investors will also get a chance to exchange the more volatile BGX tokens with BGT tokens.

• The gamers will have access to a referral system.

• The gamers will now have the option of buying game tokens with either fiat or Cryptocurrencies.

• The developers will have a chance to release their tokens.

• The use of blockchain and AI provides the developers.


The Use Of Artificial Intelligence Comes With The Following Challenges

• AI will be critical in fighting fraud by detecting and blocking unverified transactions.

• In case of competitive games, AI can be used for management.

The money raised during the crowdsourcing will be used in the following ways:
Half of the money will be used for development. Legal expenses will be 20 percent. Marketing and strategy and operation will each take 15 percent.

BGX platform will provide an opportunity for game distributors sell the games and make money. In addition, they can organize a tournament and encourage the players to enroll at a small fee. The platform will take only take 10 percent of the money from any income generating opportunity for game distributors on the platform. The current system takes as much as 30 percent of the revenue.

The platform provides even the players with a chance to earn. A player can earn by receiving donations from other players. Streamers can also allow the players to earn money. The players can also take part in a tournament that allows them to earn points that can be redeemed.


BGX will have a major impact on the gaming industry by providing an opportunity for the developers and the players to make money while doing what they like most. The project will enhance the experience of game developers by compensating them for their skills.

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