May 23, 2024

Konios – The Konios Platform


KONIOS Ico Review

The old system of finance was characterized by factors such as bureaucracy, regulations as well as rules. But the sad fact is that some of these old factors have begun to appear on the new blockchain market. This is why firms such as Konios have decided to make it more easy and faster to purchase the virtual coins.


The Token

Name: Konios
Token: KON
Accepted Currencies: BTC, ETHER, USD, EUR, and others
Token Price: 1 KON = $0.01
ICO Begin On: 1st July 2018
ICO Duration: 90 Days

Website | Whitepaper

Konios TeamGetting to Know Konios

Konios was created by two individuals; Mikel Krasniqi and Patrik Krasnic. While the latter is the CEO, Mikel Krasniqi is the CTO. As earlier indicated, the main purpose for the creation of this platform is to introduce easy solutions for individuals who might be interested in investing in the virtual coins.

This platform will provide not only an easy way to purchase and sell cash and the digital assets at any time.

The company strongly believes that regulations and restrictions aren’t good for the blockchain market since they will hold the market back from growing, and therefore deregulation is the only solution. The company is also providing its users with a place for marketing services on the platform and gets paid using either the fiat currency or the crypto coin.

This makes it more than just an ordinary exchange. Consumers are also free to provide the kind of products that they have. All they have to do is to take their pictures and will be able to offer them for sale at anytime they might be ready. Konios platform will be entirely based on the Ethereum Cryptocurrency, and this implies that it will be fully powered by the use of smart contracts and the Ethereum Blockchain.

How to Use Konios Platform

The company has its special tokens known as KON tokens, and these are what consumers will use to purchase the services vended in this platform. The tokens can be obtained either in airdrops or on the sale. Having begun on the 1st of May 2018, the Konios ICO will be in action for a period of 60 days.

During this period, 1 KON token will be equal to $0.01. Customers will be free to use Ethereum, BTC, GBP, CHF, USD, KRW, RMB, and EUR to pay through the wallet transfers or the bank wire transfers. The early supporters will be given 4% of the whole KON tokens, and they would receive the airdrops whenever they register with the company.

The Plan for Konios

As indicated on the company’s whitepaper, the plan to have this platform running began back in 2017 and most of the operations finalized towards the end year. The sales of this ICO was planned to take place for better part of 2018.

According to the plan of the company, the Beta version of the company will occur in November while the platform will be unveiled in 2019. The calendar for this platform runs up to the first month of 2020, when the main KON token will be offered to the development crew.

Konios Features

Last Word

With a discourse to take interest in, this company can double up as a financial platform, an exchange as well as a good marketplace.





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