April 21, 2024

Iagon – We Revolutionize The Cloud


IAGON Ico Review

IAGON is a company that introduces a new way of transforming the cloud computing system. IAGON has created a supercomputer that has international communication features, working with valid A.I that operates on a Blockchain technology.

The Token

Token: IAG
Pre-Sale Start Date: 27th May 2018, 16.00 CEST
Total Tokens for Sale: 200,000,000
Tokens on Circulation: 1,000,000,000

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IagonHow Iagon Platform Works

Since it is fully powered by an Artificial Intelligence, users on the Iagon platform will be connected to their services through a decentralized platform. The platform has also incorporated features that are easy to comprehend making it easy to be synced across several smart devices. The platform has been designed to work for all kind of users; fully-fledged agencies or just simple users.

As one of the best distributive innovations that have been witnessed lately, this platform has valid miners who work through few numbers of positions. It is a safe cloud platform that can be used for creating a one-stop solution for decentralized online services.

They apply Artificial Intelligence blended with neural networks and machine algorithms to manage a safe network entirely based on Blockchain. Iagon is 100% safe and decentralized for use on any kind of smart device because of its integrated DApps.

How to Generate Revenue with the Platform

One of the main ways of generating revenue with the platform is through mining. This would be based on the storage capabilities of the machine as well as the processing powers. The use of smart contracts in this platform enables users to come up with their personalized forms that are simple to use without the need of comprehending the language of programming.

The decentralized network that the system works on is proprietary, special and safe with several solutions for encrypted distributed storage. These solutions use both the sharing protocols and the Blockchain network.

For the Blockchain tangle, both the Tangle and a hybrid Blockchain technology are used. These two technologies seek to transform the manner in which decentralized storage and processing work.


About the Iagon ICO

Iagon has a native token that is abbreviated as IAG.
During the ICO campaign, there will be a total of one million tokens that will be circulated.
Users will be able to use these tokens on the main Iagon platform, as well as a number of other exchanges.


With a team that is fully verified, transparency is one of the factors that are given first priorities here. They apply integrated technology to come up with a new platform that would revolutionize how cloud computing and communication works. Even though they the development of this great platform is still underway, some of the best features have been incorporated.

This is one of the latest Initial Coin Offerings that are poised to cause a huge wave in the Blockchain market. It is headed by some of the best brains in this market. With Dr. Elad Harison as the founder and Dr. Navjit Dhaliwal as the Chief Executive Officer, the users of this platform are in the best hands.




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