October 21, 2018

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Bitcoin Unlimited Adds New Features Ahead Of The November Fork

The development team for Bitcoin Unlimited has published the entire Bitcoin Cash edition version 1.5.0 for node clients, and includes a whole implementation of the November 15th upgrade features from the Bitcoin ABC. The team has revealed that the support for the ruleset of the Bitcoin SV team is still pending. However, Andrew Stone, who […]

Bitcoin Friendly Cities Revealed

The list for the top ten Bitcoin-friendly cities has been revealed. The. Cities indicate the total number of businesses in the specific localities where BTC is accepted in exchange for goods and services. The common factor in all the cities is that they are in fintech savvy cities where technology, innovation, and science are intertwined […]

Crypto Industry Players Launch Crypto Lobby Group

The price of Bitcoin has been on the decline, not only in the past few weeks but in the year in general when compared to the previous year which saw Bitcoin’s price rise to staggering levels. This, however, has not deterred officials in the industry from organizing a charm offensive with the main targets being […]

Bitcoin Price Rises As Iranian Government Recognizes Crypto Mining

Several factors such as improved Crypto-regulatory environment, economic sanctions, and high demand for foreign currency has seen Bitcoin Core (BTC) price in Iran hit $24,000. Immediately the government approved plans to recognize Bitcoin mining, the price of the leading Cryptocurrency skyrocketed. Iran has turned to digital currencies to circumvent the economic sanctions imposed by the […]

Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple – how will they perform in the future?

Cryptocurrencies are building themselves up, slowly but surely, however, just as in life, no story is always going upwards nor is it always going downwards. Rather it is in a constant dynamic state of evolution, this is not something to inspire fear within the new investor but rather to aid the new investor with hope, […]

Bitcoin Market Seeming To Head The Right Way

The markets seem to be heading in a more positive streak after the many upheavals during the beginning of the year, while the exact cause of the initial turbulence cannot be pinpointed, one thing seems almost certain looking ahead. What is that thing? Well, it’s the fact that crypto exchanges and prominent Cryptocurrency ICO’s seem […]

Bitcoin Pushing It Above And Beyond

Cryptocurrencies are gaining traction not just in the media but within the markets as well, and it seems that Bitcoin is leading the charge to brand new heights. Bitcoin’s total market value has climbed by ten percent each week for the past month, even though many expected a downturn after the Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF got […]

Bitcoin Climbs Over The $7,000 Mark

Speak about Cryptocurrencies, or even just mention digital assets in general, and what is one of the first things to come to mind, even in the thoughts of those who have barely heard about the world behind Crypto? Well, it’s Bitcoin. Bitcoin or BTC for short is the original Cryptocurrency token and while it might […]

Bitcoin Imposters Caught In Court

As Cryptocurrencies continually gain more traction within the media and the general populace, they have also continued to gain a rather undesirable momentum amongst the criminal organizations within society. Illegal groups seem to realize the opportunities that Cryptocurrencies advance not just for transferring vast sums of money around the world effortlessly, but also for making […]

The Latest Predictions For Bitcoin Are Positively Gloomy

Of all the Cryptocurrencies out there it is safe to say that Bitcoin definitely tends to get hit the hardest. Of course, all of the beatings Bitcoin receives tends to ripple out towards the rest of the market. But still, the fact that for the vast majority of this year, the Cryptocurrency that was the […]
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