June 21, 2021

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Bitcoin Market Seeming To Head The Right Way

The markets seem to be heading in a more positive streak after the many upheavals during the beginning of the year, while the exact cause of the initial turbulence cannot be pinpointed, one thing seems almost certain looking ahead. What is that thing? Well, it’s the fact that crypto exchanges and prominent Cryptocurrency ICO’s seem […]

Bitcoin Pushing It Above And Beyond

Cryptocurrencies are gaining traction not just in the media but within the markets as well, and it seems that Bitcoin is leading the charge to brand new heights. Bitcoin’s total market value has climbed by ten percent each week for the past month, even though many expected a downturn after the Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF got […]

Bitcoin Climbs Over The $7,000 Mark

Speak about Cryptocurrencies, or even just mention digital assets in general, and what is one of the first things to come to mind, even in the thoughts of those who have barely heard about the world behind Crypto? Well, it’s Bitcoin. Bitcoin or BTC for short is the original Cryptocurrency token and while it might […]

Bitcoin Imposters Caught In Court

As Cryptocurrencies continually gain more traction within the media and the general populace, they have also continued to gain a rather undesirable momentum amongst the criminal organizations within society. Illegal groups seem to realize the opportunities that Cryptocurrencies advance not just for transferring vast sums of money around the world effortlessly, but also for making […]

The Latest Predictions For Bitcoin Are Positively Gloomy

Of all the Cryptocurrencies out there it is safe to say that Bitcoin definitely tends to get hit the hardest. Of course, all of the beatings Bitcoin receives tends to ripple out towards the rest of the market. But still, the fact that for the vast majority of this year, the Cryptocurrency that was the […]

Latest News In Cryptoworld As Bitcoin Drops After Doom And Gloom Report

The ups and downs of the Cryptocurrency market have become quite a spectacular affair as of late, with just about everyone and their dog wanting to pitch into the commentary. However, while this obviously has the benefit of spreading the word to the general populace about Cryptocurrencies, and as the saying goes, ‘there is no […]

Crypto Markets Performance Over The Weekend

This past weekend has been a momentous time within the Crypto markets; Bitcoin or BTC along with other major Cryptocurrencies have managed to regain a lot of traction that had previously been thought lost and more importantly, these same ICO’s managed to hold their ground through to Monday. For anyone who has been following the […]

Path Of Cryptocurrencies – Where Are They Headed?

There has been a lot of criticism thrown at Cryptocurrencies original prototype, it seems that everyone has something to say about the former leader of the Crypto market. But has it lost its way, or are Cryptocurrencies merely entering a new phase, are they in the process of growth and we have to get used […]

LSK Doesn’t Catch A Break In Spite Of Imminent Launch Of Testnet

Sometimes no matter how hard you plan, things simply don’t go as you would like them to go, however that is no reason for you not to try anyway. Unfortunately, for the token LSK or rather Lisk, things simply went rather badly for them, and it seems that there is no end in sight for […]

BTC Breaks Out Over Two Months’ Low

Bitcoin has been in a pretty bad place over the past few months, so many had been looking forward to this great resurgence after the early woes of the opening months of 2018. So many people had been vying to be the one to accurately predict the breakout of Bitcoin but yet to no avail, […]
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