June 21, 2021

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Surge In Illegal Organizations Using Cryptocurrencies

The Cryptocurrency trading markets are currently grappling with a few final hurdles out of the long dip from the start of the year, multiple new start-ups in the Cryptocurrency industry have begun to sell their tokens online and the Blockchain technology has begun to be integrated in sectors far beyond finance. However, you can imagine […]

Swiss Report That Bitcoin Is Not Feasible

Cryptocurrencies are being phased slowly into mainstream life, with more and more companies establishing themselves with product offerings rooted within the world of blockchain and ICO’s. However, there are solid criticisms against the flow of Cryptocurrencies and the ultimate demise of fiat currencies, and it seems that in Switzerland one of the most pro Cryptocurrency […]

EOS Network Is Crashing, Sends Crypto World Into A Frenzy

Cryptocurrencies are still battling to make it out of the woods and into the domain of mass public acceptance. However, setbacks are appearing with all things. Many have decried Cryptocurrencies as mere fads, the latest trinket of the modern world, a desperate attempt to foil a time-honored system; however, the growth of the currencies amongst […]

Women Are Coming To Cryptocurrencies And The Markets Drop

Cryptocurrencies are the new frontier and thus have attracted speculation from across the globe, with everyone from Bill Gates to Warren Buffet weighing in on the innovative new form of finance. While not all opinions have been positive, the thrust of conversation around the topic has managed to sway more and more of the public […]

Bitcoin Wallets Soon To Operate At Hyper-Speed

Bitcoin has had a rough year so far, and the jury is out on whether or not it will recover towards the end of the year. Due to the lackluster performance of the Cryptocurrency thus far, many newbie investors and old dogs alike have shunned Bitcoin in favor of the many new Cryptocurrencies that have […]

Are Cryptocurrencies Causing The Swiss To Ditch Money?

Switzerland tends to be renowned for several things, the most famous of which include the snow-covered Alps, fabulous chocolate and money. Let’s just say that the stories of Swiss banks are so legendary that they have infiltrated a plethora of pop culture references and the minds of millions all over the world. However, on the […]

Is The Love Affair With Bitcoin Falling Away?

I’m fairly certain that one of the oldest break-up songs goes something along the lines of ‘why do all good things come to an end’ and it seems even the world of Cryptocurrencies is not immune to this phenomenon. Or is it just the way things work? Anyhow, Google has reported recently that the total […]

Even Microsoft Wants Blockchain

Blockchain holds this odd position within the world right now, at the one end of the spectrum it is the technology that has facilitated not only Cryptocurrencies but additional security and many other technological innovations but on the other end there is less support. The negative light on blockchain is based on some wondering if […]

Analysts Have Prophesied The Secure Price Setting Of Bitcoin

Stability tends to be something that most markets and frankly people crave, however it is more of an elusive goal at times, and Cryptocurrency markets certainly feel that way at times. But that doesn’t have to be the case necessarily. Major analysts within the financial securities industry and Cryptocurrency world have declared that they can […]

Bitcoin Facing Competition – Hello XLM

It seems that Bitcoin is facing more and more competition, all around new faces are streaming into the playground and the opposition for the king of recess is steep. However, that doesn’t mean we should count Bitcoin out, after all, no king goes down without a fight, but it does mean that we ought to […]
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