April 21, 2024

Women Are Coming To Cryptocurrencies And The Markets Drop

Cryptocurrencies are the new frontier and thus have attracted speculation from across the globe, with everyone from Bill Gates to Warren Buffet weighing in on the innovative new form of finance. While not all opinions have been positive, the thrust of conversation around the topic has managed to sway more and more of the public towards Crypto exchanges and blockchain technology. It seems that Cryptocurrencies are gaining force as more and more businesses and nations move to integrate them into everyday society. Moreover, this boom in Cryptocurrencies has not gone unnoticed, with a new study by the London Block Exchange suggesting that the number of women who are investing in Cryptocurrencies is steadily on the rise.

The Markets Over The Weekend

Cryptocurrencies have been having their fair share of ups and downs over the past weekend, with quite a few surprising twists and turns. One example that greatly shocked many people was the fall by EOS to the US $10.80; the fall has equaled out to a 2% loss in trading value. Ripple also declined by a 2% margin and began to trade at the US $0.57, and this trend seems to have been spilling everywhere as Bitcoin Cash dropped by 1.5% to begin trading at the US $923.42.

Looking over at the main players now, Ethereum fell as well to trade at the US $521.36 and Bitcoin has continued to move on its current downward trajectory. Bitcoin reached the trading value of the US $6,734.29, and both the Ethereum and the Bitcoin movements were equal to a 1% loss in total market value. The general Crypto market took a nosedive after the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission or CFTC started on its newfound inquiry into four of the leading Crypto Exchanges currently on the market. These four Crypto Exchanges are Bitstamp, Coinbase, itBit, and Kraken; the CTFC hopes to discover whether any underhanded trading has taken place and if the aim behind the secretive trading was to lower the price of Bitcoin intentionally.

Looking Over To South Korea

In global Cryptocurrency affairs, a Crypto Exchange in South Korea, Coinrail, was implicated in a hacking scandal this weekend. It was reported that the US $40 million worth of Cryptocurrency stores belonging to Coinrail had been taken. However, these figures have still to be confirmed by the authorities or representatives of Coinrail. Many have been wondering which effect has been the stronger influencer in this past weekend’s price plummets in the Crypto exchanges, was it the CTFC investigation or the announcement of the hacker attack in South Korea.

Women In Cryptocurrency

Inclusion is a buzzword that does not just belong to the corporate world; it is now shifting over into economies. Women are now 13% more inclined to invest within a Crypto exchange or a Cryptocurrency initiative, compare to only the 6% who were willing to do so at the end of 2017. The Senior Business Analyst at London Block Exchange, Agnes de Royere, stated that many have bought into the misconception that Cryptocurrencies are a men’s field, but in reality, they are open to anyone. She went on to add that some of the key innovators and authorities within the burgeoning sector are women.

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