May 23, 2024

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South Korea To Give Its Stance On ICO Next Month

The South Korean government has said it will give its stance on ICO in November after the conclusion of a study being undertaken by the Financial Supervisory Service. The survey sent out to blockchain companies in the country requires them to provide some information the government hopes to use to make a final decision. ICOs […]

South Korea Find Crypto To Be Exceeding Expectations

Crypto currencies have been receiving a large amount of spotlight within the financial world and the political arenas as of late thanks in part to the growing interest of consumers and businesses to partner with crypto payments. The demand is growing exponentially, but even as demand grows, questions of the future grow at the same […]

Women Are Coming To Cryptocurrencies And The Markets Drop

Cryptocurrencies are the new frontier and thus have attracted speculation from across the globe, with everyone from Bill Gates to Warren Buffet weighing in on the innovative new form of finance. While not all opinions have been positive, the thrust of conversation around the topic has managed to sway more and more of the public […]