June 21, 2021

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German Stock Exchange Analyzing Bitcoin

The German Stock Exchange has currently dug their heels in and buried their heads into Cryptocurrencies and all things associated in order to get to grips with Bitcoin. At present the operating company of the German Stock Exchange –Deutsche Boerse – is reviewing all available legislation, current models and information in order to assess whether […]

Bitcoin Price Climbs Up To $8 300

Well, if one thing is for certain it’s that Cryptocurrencies never have a dull day, Bitcoin is one of the digital currencies that seem to epitomize the expression ‘ahead of the curve’. As we report, yet again, that Bitcoin has had another good day in a seeming full run of positive innings; it almost seems […]

A Closer Look Into Bitcoin And Why It’s Currently Improving

Cryptocurrencies in general, but certainly its most prominent offering Bitcoin, suffered in the last couple of months, with many fearing that this may be the crash that crypto exchanges and Blockchain technology would not recover from. However, regardless of the fears and the surrounding paranoia, Bitcoin has in fact, in essence, appeared, much to the […]

British Parliament Told That Bitcoin Has Few Clear Benefits To Society

Well, if anyone was hoping to see Bitcoin become mainstream in England then their wait will still be a long way from being satisfied. In a debate within HM Treasury Select Committee in the United Kingdom today, the ministers of parliament were informed that Blockchain technologies and Cryptocurrencies as a whole have a minimal amount […]

Bitcoin Finally Makes A Comeback

After months and months of Cryptocurrency prices continuing to fall, it comes as both a surprise and relief that Bitcoin’s price has finally increased significantly again! The price surge was definitely unexpected and the value rose from $7000 to just over $8000 for a brief time earlier this week- making it the biggest spike in […]
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