September 24, 2023

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Zero Carbon Project – Tackling Climate Change Using Blockchain

ZERO CARBON PROJECT Ico Review The Token Structure Name: Energis Token ticker: NRG Total Supply: 240,000,000 Tokens for sale: 121,330,000 Hard cap: $ 20 Million Soft cap: $ 2 Million Private Pre-sale: 1st May until the sale of 28,000,000 NRG (28,000,000 NRG) Public Pre-sale: To be announced (33,330,000 NRG) Public Main sale: To be announced […]

Data Shows That The Return On ICO’s For Everyday Investors Is Sitting On 82%

It is a pretty much an understood fact that when it comes to the world of business, it’s the bottom line that counts, and based on new analysis those who have invested in Initial Coin Offerings or ICO’s all have very looking financial portfolios. The findings from research conducted by Boston College Carroll School of Management found that […]

Block Broker – World’s first decentralized ICO investment platform

BLOCK BROKER Ico Review Blockchain technology is a very lucrative venture for various investors, thanks to the prominence of the virtual coins. Day by day, Blockchain ventures are growing to become borderline entities and the only crucial means of raising funds to kickstart these platforms is through Initial Coin Offerings. The ever-growing funds in the […]

HashCard – Revolutionising HOW You Use Credit & Debit Cards

HashCard is a new platform that seeks to transform how both debit and credit cards are used. Even though the company has a radical discourse, their main idea is to ensure that the virtual currency market is entirely revolutionized. HashCard is used to change Cryptocurrency into fiat currency within a very short duration, enabling users […]

Bitlumens – Decentralized Renewable Energy Systems using BLS

BITLUMENS Ico Review Getting to Know Bitlumens There is no better word that can describe Internet of things than what Bitlumens does. This is a Blockchain firm that was created for the purposes of availing water and solar power to rural regions and those that are far off. The main technology that the company uses […]

VoxelX ICO – Blockchain Powered DICOM-Platform

VOXELX Ico Review As serious expansion is being witnessed in the medical market, the volume of information also has continued to see a tremendous growth. This makes the process of learning tedious, tougher and at times, very frustrating. VoxelX is a community-based DICOM and an online platform that seeks to revolutionize this problem. The platform […]

BitEsprit – The First All-In-One Cryptocurrency Exchange

BITESPRIT Ico Review BitEspirit is one of the best things that has ever been invented in the world of Cryptocurrencies. It is basically a trading platform that has been designed with a copy-trading feature. As a result of that, it is capable of carrying out Bitcoin and other crypto coins that trade against the fiat […]

Inpactor – “Powering Inpactor with Blockchain Using CSR Token”

There are so many investment opportunities that are found in the world of Blockchain, but Inpactor ICO is one of the most promising ones that serious investors should take a keen interest in. The Token Token: CSRm work token CSR Token Start Date: 19th May 2018 Token Type: ERC20 Price: 1 ETH Equals 2,286 CSRm […]

Iagon – We Revolutionize The Cloud

IAGON Ico Review IAGON is a company that introduces a new way of transforming the cloud computing system. IAGON has created a supercomputer that has international communication features, working with valid A.I that operates on a Blockchain technology. The Token Token: IAG Pre-Sale Start Date: 27th May 2018, 16.00 CEST Total Tokens for Sale: 200,000,000 […]

Konios – The Konios Platform

KONIOS Ico Review The old system of finance was characterized by factors such as bureaucracy, regulations as well as rules. But the sad fact is that some of these old factors have begun to appear on the new blockchain market. This is why firms such as Konios have decided to make it more easy and […]
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