May 23, 2024

GUARIUM – e-Commerce Automation

GUARIUM Ico Review

In the wake of the increasing popularity of e-commerce, Guarium e-Commerce Automation has embraced the use of Blockchain technology to make it easy for individuals to start online businesses and access the market.

GUARIUM Schemee-Commerce Industry Today

E-commerce has been experiencing tremendous growth in recent years. In 2017, the market facilitated sales worth $2.3 trillion, and the value is expected to hit $4.5 trillion by 2021. Despite the increasing popularity of online business, those wishing to venture into the same as store owners have to go through various steps such as using their emails on their website. Such exercises are time wasting and discouraging.

e-Commerce is also expensive to many people because:

• One must have their own business.
• All the documents required.
• High maintenance cost.
• No fast and efficient payment gates, etc.



Token: GuarCoin
ICO Phase Start Date: 16 July, 2018
ICO: July 2018
Pre-Sale Price: $0.01
Pre ICO phase target: 35,000,000

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The Benefits Of e-Commerce Automation

e-Commerce Automation has emerged as a solution to the various challenges associated with the current e-commerce platform. The system has made it easy for producers and wholesalers link to it to get access to a larger market for their goods. The system has created an opportunity for the expansion of small businesses.

The e-Commerce Automation platform will provide users with a multi-million product database that will make it easy to start a business with little investment. The system will provide a wider market for manufacturers and wholesalers.

All stores operating in e-Commerce Automation will be using Guar Coin. Shopping with the coin will also come with various benefits over Cryptocurrencies.

e-commerceHow e-Commerce Automation Will Work

The system will allow the various store owners on the platform to recommend goods from the other stores and earn a commision. Any successful recommendation permanently links the customer to the referrer. Blockchain technology will be used to automate the products and transaction management systems.

The money raised during ICO will be used to pay for marketing and business planning. The other will be used as compensation to advisers. The management and employees will also be paid from the sales.

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