September 27, 2021

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Vanig – The World’s First Integrated e-Commerce And Supply Chain Ecosystem

VANIG Ico Review Vanig is an online platform that will provide a final destination for all online merchants globally, the hub will utilize the power of Blockchain technology in order to tackle problems such as the inability to accurately track a parcel for both user and corporation or knowing which corporate is offering real or […]

BFEX – Your Key To Unlocking Infinite Possibilities

BFEX Ico Review Bank Future Exchange (BFEX) is a company that seeks to revolutionize the banking sector by facilitating access to loans to everyone using their social credit scores. Token Token: BFEX Pre-Sale: May 1 – June 28 Public sale: July 1 – August 31 Type of Token: ERC223 (it is backward compatible with ERC220) […]

BGX – The Most Powerful Decentralized Processing Platform

BGX Ico Review BGX is a project that hopes to introduce game developers and app markets to the crypto economy through BGX tokens. The project intends to revolutionize the mobile gaming industry by giving an opportunity for new mobile game distributors and allow game developers to make financial gains for their inventions. Token Marker: BGX […]

Swiss Alps – The Smart Mining Company

SWISS ALPS MINING Ico Review Swiss Alps Mining & Energy is a project that seeks to minimize power consumption during crypto mining by proving the miners with power-efficient mining facilities at Swiss Alps. The project operates under Swiss Alps Energy (SAE) business. Token Token: SAM Total SAM tokens on sale: 239,682,538 Platform: Ethereum Type of […]

GUARIUM – e-Commerce Automation

GUARIUM Ico Review In the wake of the increasing popularity of e-commerce, Guarium e-Commerce Automation has embraced the use of Blockchain technology to make it easy for individuals to start online businesses and access the market. e-Commerce Industry Today E-commerce has been experiencing tremendous growth in recent years. In 2017, the market facilitated sales worth […]

MPCX – Digital Wealth Management Platform

MPCX Ico Review About MPCX MPCX is a financial services platform that uses digital Blockchain technology. The company has long-term goals of integrating the various crypto financial services. MPCX targets businesses and individuals working with digital assets, Cryptocurrency exchange services, Internet banking, crypto studies, and ICO marketing and lending. A team that has been in […]

Zero Carbon Project – Tackling Climate Change Using Blockchain

ZERO CARBON PROJECT Ico Review The Token Structure Name: Energis Token ticker: NRG Total Supply: 240,000,000 Tokens for sale: 121,330,000 Hard cap: $ 20 Million Soft cap: $ 2 Million Private Pre-sale: 1st May until the sale of 28,000,000 NRG (28,000,000 NRG) Public Pre-sale: To be announced (33,330,000 NRG) Public Main sale: To be announced […]

Bittrex – Token Exchange

BITTREX Exchange Review Many have dismissed Cryptocurrencies outright due to their lack of association with the already established financial institutions; however that fact is beginning to be assaulted with new information thanks to changing times. Bittrex, an American Cryptocurrency has done what previously was thought of, as unthinkable, well at least in America. This past […]

Block Broker – World’s first decentralized ICO investment platform

BLOCK BROKER Ico Review Blockchain technology is a very lucrative venture for various investors, thanks to the prominence of the virtual coins. Day by day, Blockchain ventures are growing to become borderline entities and the only crucial means of raising funds to kickstart these platforms is through Initial Coin Offerings. The ever-growing funds in the […]

Bitlumens – Decentralized Renewable Energy Systems using BLS

BITLUMENS Ico Review Getting to Know Bitlumens There is no better word that can describe Internet of things than what Bitlumens does. This is a Blockchain firm that was created for the purposes of availing water and solar power to rural regions and those that are far off. The main technology that the company uses […]
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