May 23, 2024

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Nasdaq Looks Into Crypto Exchanges

Cryptocurrency startups are getting attention from multiple countries, including Malta and Gibraltar, amongst others. However, there are more than Cryptocurrency startups that are being given attention; for example, things are heating up with the NASDAQ right now as well. Recent reports out of the United States are sending out not-so-subtle hints that the NASDAQ is […]

New Ethereum Standard Set To Hit The Shelves

Change is on its way, and just like the app updates for your smartphone happen sporadically and without much warning, so too it seems to do the updates to the new policy and procedures for Cryptocurrencies the world over. However, and this must be clarified, this particular change is not in the least bit ominous, […]

Cryptocurrency Technology Paves The Way To A New Face Of Finance

Technology is one of the key systems that help to power the modern world engine as we know it. Therefore it makes sense that as technology progresses over time so should the systems it supports. Some of the biggest buzzwords in technology at the moment include artificial technology and Blockchain, because what is better than […]

Cryptocurrencies Provide New Opportunities For America’s Needy

The poor are often some of the most marginalized and overlooked factions within the society, being the last to benefit whenever a new technology or craze sweeps through our lives. However, this does not seem to be the case at present. In fact, as much of the modern world begins to abandon all transactions requiring […]

Ethereum Golden Oldie On The Up

It’s always good when the very first of a flagship creation is doing great things, whether one is reviewing something as abstract as ideas or as concrete as actual people, knowing that the first one out the gate is okay makes everything easier. This is especially the case for the Cryptocurrency market at the moment […]

Swiss Being Pushed To Prop Up The Crypto Industry

Switzerland is one of the countries in the world that has been the most receptive towards Cryptocurrencies thus far; however, just recently two major banks within the country have formally broken any agreements with crypto-startups. Yet, the actions of these banks are in stark contrast to public sentiment and that of the governments who strongly […]

Binance Pulls In The Vechain Tokens

So many exciting things are happening within the world of digital assets and cryptocurrencies at the moment, one of the most enticing topics has to do with one of the major players, Binance. Binance has shared that it will be most definitely moving on course with the VeChain or rather VEN token swapping project. This […]

CFTC Warns US Government To Go Easy With Crypto

One of the main aims of governments and regulatory bodies all over the world is to bring further regulation to the world of Cryptocurrencies and digital financials. The US government is focusing intensely on carving out the exact legislation that will help to bring Cryptocurrencies well into the mainstream of financial markets. However, a director […]

Bitcoin Climbs Over The $7,000 Mark

Speak about Cryptocurrencies, or even just mention digital assets in general, and what is one of the first things to come to mind, even in the thoughts of those who have barely heard about the world behind Crypto? Well, it’s Bitcoin. Bitcoin or BTC for short is the original Cryptocurrency token and while it might […]

BTC On A High

The Cryptocurrency markets are facing a huge amount of attention currently as analysts are vying to be the ones to accurately predict the exact date of the resurgence of Bitcoin to its former glory. Who knows which analyst will be the one to receive that ovation, in the meantime though, Bitcoin or BTC continues to […]
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