September 24, 2023

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Reviews Of Major Cryptocurrencies Trading Performances

The Cryptocurrency trading market has taken a bit of a beating as of late, however, it seems that things are finally starting to look a bit calmer as if a sort of a status quo might be emerging out of the constant chaos. The typical state of high-intensity changes that characterized the market for Bitcoin […]

Swiss Report That Bitcoin Is Not Feasible

Cryptocurrencies are being phased slowly into mainstream life, with more and more companies establishing themselves with product offerings rooted within the world of blockchain and ICO’s. However, there are solid criticisms against the flow of Cryptocurrencies and the ultimate demise of fiat currencies, and it seems that in Switzerland one of the most pro Cryptocurrency […]

Ripple Throws Doubt On The Singular Global System Of Cryptocurrency Payments

Cryptocurrencies are having a big moment right now, and as many such people are seeking to capitalize on this moment in the sun, if they have not done so already. Thanks to this frenzy there are many innovative ideas and hopeful startups related to the big, wide world of Cryptocurrency that has been etched out […]

Ethereum Finally Starting To Look Up Again

It has been a tough couple months for Cryptocurrencies the world over, with many stating that the end is nigh, for this dream of a couple of disenfranchised developers. However, with the recent ruling by the SEC stating that Cryptocurrency’s such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are most certainly not masquerading as financial securities and instead […]

Buying Shares In Leading Crypto Companies Will Soon Be A Thing

Cryptocurrency companies are keen to shed a lot of the bad hype floating around their product, as many are eagerly attempting to sweep assumptions in bed with Cryptocurrencies such as underhanded manipulation of Crypto-Exchanges. The ability to invest in these companies and their consequent accompany action of having to comply with laws surrounding companies that […]

More Than $180 Million In ICO May Be Lying In Estonia

The world seems to be buzzing at the moment, with excitement over everything from Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un’s Singapore Summit right through to the exponential growth in eSports. Everything seems to be moving at a pace of 5 million miles an hour, cryptocurrencies are certainly not immune to this, as anyone who has […]

The US Federal Reserve And European Union’s Central Banks Working Together In Face Of Dire Challenges

The two leading forces within the Western world have both pulled the reins even tighter with regards to financial legislation, in order to showcase the pathway for global economic growth. However, the realities of possible armed conflicts, questions over the legitimacy of fiat currency thanks to the strength of Cryptocurrencies and instability in governments remain […]

BGX – The Most Powerful Decentralized Processing Platform

BGX Ico Review BGX is a project that hopes to introduce game developers and app markets to the crypto economy through BGX tokens. The project intends to revolutionize the mobile gaming industry by giving an opportunity for new mobile game distributors and allow game developers to make financial gains for their inventions. Token Marker: BGX […]

Cryptocurrencies Won’t Be Securities But ICO’s Are Getting The Boot

The fear in the markets has largely been around whether or not Cryptocurrencies will be deemed as financial securities by the board of the Securities and Exchanges Commission in the United States. This ruling could have changed the legislation for how Cryptocurrencies and the acquisition of them by everyday investors are handled forever. Therefore the […]

Are Cryptocurrencies Causing The Swiss To Ditch Money?

Switzerland tends to be renowned for several things, the most famous of which include the snow-covered Alps, fabulous chocolate and money. Let’s just say that the stories of Swiss banks are so legendary that they have infiltrated a plethora of pop culture references and the minds of millions all over the world. However, on the […]
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