July 25, 2024

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Is The Love Affair With Bitcoin Falling Away?

I’m fairly certain that one of the oldest break-up songs goes something along the lines of ‘why do all good things come to an end’ and it seems even the world of Cryptocurrencies is not immune to this phenomenon. Or is it just the way things work? Anyhow, Google has reported recently that the total […]

A Cryptocurrency Team May Be Dispatched

As Cryptocurrencies become more of an accepted factor within today’s economies, governmental agencies have to think up ways to incorporate them into society in a safe and effective manner. The state of New York has apparently come up with a new way to help and protect its citizens from any possible harmful effects or secondary […]

Bittrex – Token Exchange

BITTREX Exchange Review Many have dismissed Cryptocurrencies outright due to their lack of association with the already established financial institutions; however that fact is beginning to be assaulted with new information thanks to changing times. Bittrex, an American Cryptocurrency has done what previously was thought of, as unthinkable, well at least in America. This past […]

Analysts Have Prophesied The Secure Price Setting Of Bitcoin

Stability tends to be something that most markets and frankly people crave, however it is more of an elusive goal at times, and Cryptocurrency markets certainly feel that way at times. But that doesn’t have to be the case necessarily. Major analysts within the financial securities industry and Cryptocurrency world have declared that they can […]

Cryptocurrency Price Index Set To Be Made Official By Billionaire Bull Novogratz

If you’re wondering today has made history, well at least in the world of Cryptocurrency that is, if you’re wondering why that is, well one of the unlikeliest things that could ever have happened occurred today. What was this unfathomable thing? Well, one of the leading crypto exchanges partnered with a billionaire to make up […]

Assets Financed Through Cryptocurrency Could Double In Value Before Year End

Recent research that has just been released has found compelling evidence that suggests that Cryptocurrency finance-based assets have a high probability of doubling twice their total value by the end of this year. An even more interesting finding is that approximately one hundred of these startup ventures are predominantly niched in Cryptocurrencies or crypto-related work. […]

Hackers Get Away With $150 000 In Cryptocurrency Through A DNS Scam

In breaking news, a group of underground hackers have managed to steal an estimated $150 000 worth of various Cryptocurrencies through a rather ingenious manipulation of DNS settings. The hackers in question managed to reroute the DNS location of the Cryptocurrency exchange sites that the users were initially obtaining to their site and therefore the […]
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