October 21, 2018

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Google Lifts Ban On Crypto Related Adverts

Google has removed the ban it had placed on the advertisement of Crypto-related products and services on its platform. The multi-billion dollar search engine company has announced that henceforth it would be allowing the advertisement of crypto-related products and services on its platform by regulated companies. Ban Lifted On Crypto Products Earlier on in the […]

Is The Love Affair With Bitcoin Falling Away?

I’m fairly certain that one of the oldest break-up songs goes something along the lines of ‘why do all good things come to an end’ and it seems even the world of Cryptocurrencies is not immune to this phenomenon. Or is it just the way things work? Anyhow, Google has reported recently that the total […]

Blockchain Is Verifying Your Details, So You’ll Be Gone But Not Forgotten

Blockchain technology has many detractors and supporters within today’s world and as the growth of blockchain technology continues to persist it will certainly gain many more proponents and opponents. However, an exciting new path has opened that gives not only consumers but organizations in all sizes complete peace of mind that their data has been […]

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