October 21, 2018

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Ethereum Golden Oldie On The Up

It’s always good when the very first of a flagship creation is doing great things, whether one is reviewing something as abstract as ideas or as concrete as actual people, knowing that the first one out the gate is okay makes everything easier. This is especially the case for the Cryptocurrency market at the moment […]

NextPakk – Built For Last-Mile Delivery

NEXTPAKK Ico Review NextPakk is the future solution to global package deliveries across platforms that customers did not even know they needed. NextPakk will enable consumers to arrange for a deliveryman to drop off goods at their place of residence within one hour from notifying the NextPakk platform thus ensuring that the client will still […]

Crypto Markets Performance Over The Weekend

This past weekend has been a momentous time within the Crypto markets; Bitcoin or BTC along with other major Cryptocurrencies have managed to regain a lot of traction that had previously been thought lost and more importantly, these same ICO’s managed to hold their ground through to Monday. For anyone who has been following the […]

BTC Breaks Out Over Two Months’ Low

Bitcoin has been in a pretty bad place over the past few months, so many had been looking forward to this great resurgence after the early woes of the opening months of 2018. So many people had been vying to be the one to accurately predict the breakout of Bitcoin but yet to no avail, […]

BTC Price In The Green And Florida Citizens Can Use BTC For Tax

Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies seem to have rebounded from their seemingly never-ending shortfall, and acceptance seems to be fast on the rise. Today in trading Bitcoin had one serious bull market, right out of the opening gates Bitcoin managed to rack up from $8 700 to $8 800. Yet, towards the end of the day […]

A Closer Look Into Bitcoin And Why It’s Currently Improving

Cryptocurrencies in general, but certainly its most prominent offering Bitcoin, suffered in the last couple of months, with many fearing that this may be the crash that crypto exchanges and Blockchain technology would not recover from. However, regardless of the fears and the surrounding paranoia, Bitcoin has in fact, in essence, appeared, much to the […]

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