December 3, 2020

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Buying Shares In Leading Crypto Companies Will Soon Be A Thing

Cryptocurrency companies are keen to shed a lot of the bad hype floating around their product, as many are eagerly attempting to sweep assumptions in bed with Cryptocurrencies such as underhanded manipulation of Crypto-Exchanges. The ability to invest in these companies and their consequent accompany action of having to comply with laws surrounding companies that […]

Women Are Coming To Cryptocurrencies And The Markets Drop

Cryptocurrencies are the new frontier and thus have attracted speculation from across the globe, with everyone from Bill Gates to Warren Buffet weighing in on the innovative new form of finance. While not all opinions have been positive, the thrust of conversation around the topic has managed to sway more and more of the public […]

Prices Are Going To Jump, xRapid Is On The Rise

Within the world of Cryptocurrencies, stable is a word that can almost be characterized as laughable. Recently, with the exponential rise of xRapid software, it seems that things are going to become even hotter in the kitchen, despite the proponents of XRP stating that the code isn’t a part of the digital currencies success. The […]
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