May 23, 2024

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Can The Newest Avenue For Blockchain Technology Be Jewellery?

Blockchain technology has been harnessed by the team at IBM, through their newest innovation IBM has managed to produce a new system of tracking for valuable jewellery pieces. IBM’s creation, which has been named TrustChain, makes use of Blockchain technology to institute a process that can track the whole evolution of an item from the […]

The Need For Greater Use Blockchain Technology Is Becoming More And More Apparent

The use of Cryptocurrency is becoming more and more prevalent as time goes on, and since the industry as a whole has very little framework and structure as yet, many have turned to Blockchain in a bid to secure their financial investments. As time goes on it is becoming more and more pertinent to integrate […]

Blockchain’s Latest Endeavor Might Just Be Food?

Blockchain has revolutionized so many industries out there, from throwing out the traditional economic system right through to creeping into the energy and medical industries, now there are rumors that Blockchain might just be heading out into food as well. See Where Your Food Has Come From The desire to know where our food originates […]

Entersoft: A New Cyber Fraud Protection Technology for ICOs and Blockchains

Brisbane, Australia – Entersoft, an anti-Blockchain hacking platform has been launched. Developed and managed by Paul Kang and Mohan Gandhi, this technology aims to safeguard startup ICOs and secure them from hackers. Additionally, Entersoft seeks to enhance the security features in Blockchains and other networks. Hacking is Sophisticated and Smartly Executed With millions of dollars […]
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