October 21, 2018

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Argentina Turns To Cryptocurrencies Due To High Inflation

The demand for Cryptocurrencies in Argentina is increasing in the wake of the high inflations rates. The local currency, Argentinian Peso is losing its value against the USD at a high rate. American Cryptocurrency ATM firms, Athena Bitcoin and Odyssey Group are already targeting the country with plans to install more ATM. They are also […]

Australia To Have AUD-backed Cryptocurrency

Two Crypto companies in Australia have come together to produce what will be the country’s first ‘stable coin‘. Further reports have revealed that the digital asset will be pegged to the Australian Dollar. Most Cryptocurrencies are volatile making it more challenging to use them in day-to-day transactions. The duo is yet to enter into a […]

Could India Be Headed For Crypto Regulation?

Questions have arisen about the next move for India after it was reported that the country sent senior regulatory officials to Crypto friendly countries in the fiscal year 2017-18. According to the report, the government sent Securities and Exchange Board of India officials to Switzerland, the UK, and Japan to learn more about Cryptocurrencies and […]

Cryptocurrencies And The World Financial System

Many have been dismissing Cryptocurrencies as an alternative to fiat currency that will simply fade into the ether after a few more months, another phase within the globalized world similar to cake pops or the return of shoulder pads. However, the multitude of events ranging from cases with the SEC in the United States through […]

Cryptocurrencies Provide New Opportunities For America’s Needy

The poor are often some of the most marginalized and overlooked factions within the society, being the last to benefit whenever a new technology or craze sweeps through our lives. However, this does not seem to be the case at present. In fact, as much of the modern world begins to abandon all transactions requiring […]

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