October 21, 2018

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Binance Burns 1.6 Million BNP And Reaps $85 Million For Q3 2018

Binance has burned 1.6 Million BNP Tokens that are worth $17 billion. This is a fifth quarterly burn that is synonymous with most Blockchain platforms operational rules. In its whitepaper, Binance had promised to be burning unused Tokens and buying back a proportion of the total BNP supply. The publication of the information is in […]

New Crypto Trading Platform Coming to Singapore

Upbit, which is one of the most established Cryptocurrency exchange platforms in South Korea is set to start operations in Singapore at the beginning of October 2018. This new exchange will specialize in Singapore-dollar trading and Crypto-to-Crypto trading pairs in three major markets that are offered by the US-based Upbit partner known as Bittrex. Upbit […]

Security Is The Number One Obstacle In Crypto’s Future

In the second half of the year, people not only eagerly anticipate the coming year-end functions, and endless holidays; they also begin the process of looking ahead onto the coming year. Perhaps you have not yet begun looking out to 2019 and beyond, however, while there is still time to draw out timelines, there is […]

Binance Pulls In The Vechain Tokens

So many exciting things are happening within the world of digital assets and cryptocurrencies at the moment, one of the most enticing topics has to do with one of the major players, Binance. Binance has shared that it will be most definitely moving on course with the VeChain or rather VEN token swapping project. This […]

BTC On A High

The Cryptocurrency markets are facing a huge amount of attention currently as analysts are vying to be the ones to accurately predict the exact date of the resurgence of Bitcoin to its former glory. Who knows which analyst will be the one to receive that ovation, in the meantime though, Bitcoin or BTC continues to […]

Binance Wants A Bank

Several countries are in the process of experimenting with Cryptocurrencies as an alternative to fiat currencies, and one country in particular, Malta, has passed brand new laws hoping to garner more Cryptocurrency investment to the region. These three bills were pushed forward by the Maltese authorities in order to attract some of the bigger players […]

Telegram Banned in Russia: Now what?

Telegram made its way onto the crypto scene and became an international sensation practically overnight. If this is the first time you’re hearing about Telegram you must be living under a rock. But a brief background for those that are new to the world of all things crypto: Telegram is an ICO (Initial Coin Offering), […]

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